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6 Reasons Why We Stay In Bad Relationships

They identify themselves to be so fused with the other person that they often end up dismissing their own perception, ideas, and feelings, unless and until they are validated and approved by someone else. 

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Getting out of a relationship, even if it is harming them becomes inevitably difficult for them because every single of their behavior needs to be validated, assured and emotionally sanctioned by their partner. These people hardly survive if they remain single.

4. Comfort in Familiarity and fear of uncertainty.

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Some relationships are a mere “to battle with a known devil is better than facing an unknown devil”. 

We rationalize with ourselves that we might already be getting the best we can. The fear of uncertainty keeps us from taking a leap of faith or moving towards a better opportunity or stepping out of our comfort zone to embrace positive change. 

A person familiar with comfort, predictability, and warmth of routine might genuinely feel perturbed when putting out of a relationship. Who knows if the next relationship they pursue will put them in a more trying situation or not. The fear of getting themselves in a worse relationship than the current one keeps them suffering in a dead relationship. 

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5. Rejection and failure.


What if they get rejected by the next person they try to be in a relationship with? 

The fear of failure, after trying so hard, keeps them trying harder to mend the relationship.

Some people cannot completely accept the fact that their relationship is on the verge of failure and that they have to make an exit. 

Even if they do, will they be able to invest themselves emotionally and physically, in the same degree as they are currently doing? 

All these questions make it harder for them to rationally decide for the fate of a messed up relationship. 

6. New investment of time and energy.

What people who cannot come out of a bad relationship worry the most about is already invested time and effort.

For them it a shameful event to move out of a relationship that they have built for so long. ‘Ending a relationship’ just because it is not working out well is not their ideology. They believe that sticking to the end, even if it degrades the emotional and psychological wellbeing of both partners is the right attitude to hold. 

But, believe me, the more you allow the negativity to affect you, the more difficult it will be in the end. If the relationship is dead, you should end it. And you should end it at the earliest.

Maybe the most that you can expect from a relationship that goes bad is to come out of it with a few good songs.  – Marianne Faithfull

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6 Reasons Why We Stay In Bad Relationships

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