Hate Christmas: 8 Things I Hate About Christmas and Reason Why


Why Its Perfectly Fine To Hate Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! Or is it? Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, and maybe it is for a lot of people. However, I am not one of them. I hope I don’t get canceled for saying this, but I hate Christmas, and I absolutely dread the holidays. Yes, I know I know, I am a monster. Sheesh!

Now, let me explain why I hate Christmas. It’s not that I hate the fact that we get to spend a lot of time with our loved ones and close friends. I don’t hate the spirit of Christmas, per se. Two of the many reasons I vehemently dislike Christmas are the excessive materialism and mental pressure that has come to be associated with it, and the pressure we put on ourselves to make it “perfect” every year.

And it’s not just me, there are many people who share the same sentiment, it’s just that most of them are too scared to express it. Also, there are studies that attest to the fact that Christmas might not be a very merry and jolly time for a lot of people, as we might like to think.

Now, let me get one thing straight. I am not encouraging anyone to hate Christmas. but if you’re someone who does but is always scared of expressing it, then this list of reasons might help you realize that it’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY to hate Christmas!

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8 Reasons To Hate Christmas

1. Toxic family members and family drama can be exhausting.

Christmas is that time of the year when you get to meet all your family members, including your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents everyone. And even though this can be a really happy time, it’s not for a lot of people (like me!). Even though I have plenty of good-natured and kind relatives, it’s always the toxic ones who end up ruining everything, don’t they? Family drama is bound to happen.

What makes the situation even more difficult is the fact that you are supposed to pretend to like them and make small talk with them. When all you want to do is call them out on their nonsense. In situations like this, the mood is always icy, tense, and negative, and Christmas feels anything but cheery and merry.

Hate Christmas
You Don’T Need To Dread Holidays Anymore

2. Holiday shopping is supposed to be fun? How? Where?

People who hate Christmas will relate to this big time!

Shopping for gifts is one of the best things about Christmas, but unfortunately not for me. Standing in long lines, stressing out about getting the “perfect gifts”, thinking about my finances, and feeling anxious about whether my friends and family will like the gifts I got them – all of these things are enough to send me in a downward spiral.

The world has become too materialistic these days, and rather than focusing on the spirit of Christmas, all of us are too obsessed with the things we will give or get. Holiday shopping sometimes brings out the worst in people too, since some people either become too competitive and want to give the best (and most expensive!) gifts, or they are quick to criticize the gifts they are given with a lot of love.

Now you see why I don’t have positive feelings about all this? It’s too darn exhausting and negative!

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3. Being single during the holidays can be hard to deal with.

One of the many reasons I hate Christmas is because being single during this time can be incredibly tough. You don’t just feel lonely, you also have to field dating and marriage questions from pesky relatives. There is always someone in every family who asks personal and unnecessary questions about our dating lives, and how “sad” it is that we are alone on the holidays.

Loneliness, social pressure, feelings of isolation, and low self-esteem can make the holidays really cruel to deal with. Even if I am happily single, I do end up feeling alone and sad during this time.

4. Spending time with in-laws can be challenging.

If you are lucky enough to have kind, compassionate, and good human beings as your in-laws, then you wouldn’t relate to this. But people who are not so lucky, tend to have a horrendous time during Christmas due to this. Every little thing from the Christmas tree, to Christmas decorations to the outfit they choose to wear, everything is dissected to the very last thread.

Be it silent judgment or loud, insensitive comments, dealing with toxic in-laws can be tough and emotionally draining, to say the least. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, but if you have toxic in-laws, then you can very well say goodbye to it.

5. Why are office parties still a thing?

This is one of the biggest reasons I absolutely hate Christmas. Why are office parties still a thing, and why are we forced to go to these? Going to an office party is like inviting my anxiety to come and sit with me for the whole night. How many drinks are socially acceptable? How long should I ideally stay? Do I need to bring anyone with me? Do I really need to laugh at my boss’s lame jokes?

Pasting a fake smile on my face and pretending to enjoy myself is agonizing. Pretending to be someone else at these office parties is nothing short of torture for me, and I always end up counting the minutes until I can go home and snuggle with my dog under the blankets and have Chinese takeout by myself.

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6. Family and friends dissecting our romantic lives is nothing short of torture.

Having my dating life or rather the lack of it getting treated as a dinner-table conversation is embarrassing, to say the least. Some relatives and family members just don’t understand the concept of personal boundaries and manners and treat your personal life as a means of entertainment.

And if you try to call them out on their toxic behavior, they are quick to emotionally blackmail and manipulate you by saying things like, “But we are family. We only want the best for you!”, “Don’t be so oversensitive. We are not outsiders that you’ve to be so offended.”, and the best one, “We are seeing you after so long. We are just concerned for you. Don’t we have any right as your family to discuss all this?”

As I said, TORTURE!

7. Unspoken expectations can lead to many complications.

Another major reason for me hating the holidays is this. So many unspoken disappointments and expectations tend to come up during this time, leading to complications and conflicts. Be it time management, finances, or simply just giving gifts, it can be a volatile situation navigating so many things.

For example, if you choose to divide your time between your family and friends, your parents might not say anything initially and pretend to be okay with it. But on Christmas day, when after spending time with them you are just about to take your leave, they start to crib and complain.

Another example is when you get your sibling something of your own choice because your sister said “it doesn’t matter what you gift me, I’ll love it nonetheless”, but then she doesn’t. She hoped you would magically know what she wanted because you are siblings, leading to disappointment.

8. Blended families are a tricky terrain to navigate.

If you have divorced parents, it can be a huge challenge trying to spend time with both of them on Christmas. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your mom or dad, and in the process, you end up stressing yourself out. And on top of that, if your parents or parent has remarried and has another family, then it gets even more complicated.

Making yourself feel comfortable with the new members, making sure that there’s no awkwardness, and trying to enjoy yourself – it starts to feel like you’re sitting for an examination rather than celebrating a beloved holiday.

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So, these are all the reasons I hate Christmas. What is your opinion about this? Is it normal to hate Christmas and have you ever been made to feel guilty for hating Christmas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Want to know more about why do people hate Christmas? Check this video out below!

Hate Christmas

Why Its Perfectly Fine To Hate Christmas pin
Hate Christmas: 8 Things I Hate About Christmas And Reason Why
Why Its Perfectly Fine To Hate Christmas pinex
Hate Christmas: 8 Things I Hate About Christmas And Reason Why

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    I hate Christmas as well. We have forgotten in my blended family what Christmas should be about.

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