The Reason Why Your Relationships Fail According To Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s not start with the whole relationships are hard stuff. This is a given fact and does not require reiterating.

Let’s take a different approach. You know how zodiac signs are good markers of temperament? Well going forward from that approach, it is only natural that markers of temperament would also be good markers of emotional power and how they handle pressure.

What can be more pressuring than a relationship?

The situation changes not because of love mind you, it changes because of the way people handle the situation, respecting the feelings of the person in front of them and in what way.
It is always good to know the disease and work on it. Your zodiac sign might hold the clues behind the way you deal with emotionally trying situations. And if you know how you are going to react beforehand, there is a good chance you might be able to salvage the situation and save your relationship.

Here are the ways the signs react to their relationships which ultimately leads them to subconsciously or consciously sabotage their relationships:


1. Aries

They are vagrant warriors, never still, never calm and definitely never to strong on the commitment. Think of the Comanche tribe or the Mongol hordes; Aries too are strong and definitive in their action. They are always on the move, so to speak, which is never great for a relationship which has some form of surrender implied in them; moreover, Aries thrives on conflict. All they want is a good fight.
And, that is never ever healthy in a relationship.


2. Taurus

You have triggers that make you irrational; much like the proverbial red cloth for the bull that symbolizes you. The trigger is mostly about some stupid thing you did in the past.
Another major character flaw you have is that you are too much into money than into a particular person. Yes, practical materialism is healthy but not the kind you practice. You need to learn that you can’t put a price tag on everything.


3. Gemini

Let’s face it, you are indecisive. Even when you don’t a dilemma in your life, you go looking for one. This makes you probably one of the worst people at going on a date with.
You thrive on dilemmas and the conflicts they bring with them. And when that search for a dilemma makes you even for once think that there might be someone better than your current partner, more than half of the damage has been done.

4. Cancer

You have to be in control in all of your relationships. Like Taurus, you are pretty practically grounded but there are expectations that you have in a relationship that may be a little more than other people might have. You want a relationship like that of in fiction- and this is not a standard everyone can live up to. It’s just one of those things. You also like to go all in with people you have met pretty recently, which also scares them away sometimes.


5. Leo

You happen to believe that everything you say is correct and while most of the times you might be, it is necessary to sometimes take a step back for people you love. You do not do well with coming to a compromise because for you, things you say or decide are unchangeable. This tendency makes you push people away just so you could do things the way you want to, without any exterior input. There is a lot you feel like others do not understand, but this happens because you do not give them a chance to understand. People are not deals or machines, and you are not the only one with emotions and thoughts.


6. Virgo

You cannot be satisfied. You have a problem with everything and always focus on what is negative, no matter how inconsequential those things might be. You constantly crib about how things could have been marginally better if something else was done in a situation but you do not appreciate the greater good. Your relationships do not last because of your cribbing and being miles away from any kind of positivity. For you, there is no winning and this transfers on to the person you are dating. This makes them want to push you away.

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