If You Haven’t Yet Found Your Passion In Life, This Is For You

If You Haven’t Yet Found Your Passion In Life, This Is For You

This is for those who haven’t yet found their true passion in life..

I used to believe that finding a passion is the ultimate goal of a human being. That finding a verb which makes someone said, “I was born to do this” is something that needs to be happened in everyone.

I do agree that a passion is something which makes you able to leave some footprints in every phase of your life; a passion is your own legacy, the true mark of a human’s existence.

A human’s life is complete when they’ve found what Paulo Coelho mentioned as a Zahir; the truest soul of a human being which has been given and destined by the Universe.

I have found my passion and encouraged everyone to find theirs, not until I’m living the real life. 

Real life happens when you’re getting disappointed in those unmet expectations and needs. It happens when you really want to do that one thing you extremely loved, yet it can’t fulfill your basic needs to survive.

Real life happens when you’ve tried so many things, yet you haven’t found that particular verb which could define who you truly are.

Real life happens when you’re getting lost along the way; it happens when you’ve failed million times and letting your dreams go is the only way to move on.

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Real life happens when you realize that finding a passion is not enough to make you stay alive.

After I’ve graduated from college and landed in my first job, which isn’t really aligned with my passion, I just realized that most people live like that.

Some people knew their passion yet they don’t do it for a living. Some of them haven’t even found any passion and they live like a dead man walking; stuck in their comfort zone and live their routines. Little do we know, a passion is not actually the key to live our lives to the fullest.

Now, I do agree that the society is exaggerating the importance of finding our passion, because actually there are two things which could lead you to be happy with your life, without finding your true passion; a willingness to learn new things and a sincere intention to bring positivity to others.

It sounds too cliché, I know. But, when you have those two things, your life is getting easier, even though you haven’t found your true passion.

Instead of seeking your passion and getting stressed to find it, shift your attention to learn new things. Go to some places you haven’t visited and try to do some things you’ve never done before.

Try to ‘emptying your glass’ in each of those new places, so you gain countless knowledge over and over again. You have to go out and see the world.

Try to see this life from several different angles and learn more about yourself.  You need to realize that self-knowledge is actually the part of finding your true passion and if you still haven’t found it, it’s totally okay because you’ve already gained countless experiences.

When you’ve felt so many sensations and touched so many different kinds of lives, passion is no longer matter because finding a passion is not your ultimate goal; living your life to the fullest is.

You also need to realize that you could always leave a legacy by giving your kindness to others, with or without your passion.

Passion is not the only way to leave your ‘footprints’; your true intention to do good for others is also a way for you to be remembered in your life.

A passion will only represent your identity, but your actions and behaviors are the things which can make you touch people’s heart.

Instead of getting confused about finding your passion, focus your intention to love others more each day. When it comes to human’s interactions, having compassion is more important than a passion.

At the end of the day, finding your passion is not the key to love your life; it is a matter of your perception and how you’re going to live your life to the fullest.    

If You Haven’t Yet Found Your Passion In Life, This Is For You

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