Depression Doesn’t Have A Universal Appearance

Depression Doesnt Have A Universal Appearance

Depression Doesn’t Have A Universal Appearance:

• Some cry very often, others can’t feel anything

• Some struggle to get out of bed, others don’t

• Some neglect “self-care” (e.g. brushing hair), others put extra effort in to look “better” than they feel

• Some try to talk and work through their problems with people they trust, others don’t talk to anyone

• Some have intense bouts of severe depressive episodes, others feel it constantly at a lesser intensity

• Some overeat, others don’t have an appetite at all

• Some need to sleep long hours, others can’t sleep at all

Please don’t rush to judge (or worse deny) one’s struggle with it. As you can see, depression expresses itself in many ways.
-Real Depression Project

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13 Major Symptoms Of Depression In Men

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3. Sleeping too much or not being able to sleep at all.

4. Being unable to fulfill responsibilities.

5. Suicidal thoughts, and even suicide attempts.

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