6 Questions That Can Help You Raise Mentally Strong Kids

Questions That Can Help You Raise Mentally Strong Kids

A kid’s attachment style is developed in the early few years of his/her childhood. The emotional bond between a parent and a child is precious. Building a stronger emotional connection with your child will not just help create a good parent-child relationship but will also lead to them being mentally strong and help them have an emotionally healthier adult life.

To get in touch with a child’s emotions, parents need to proactively take interest and effort in a child’s day-to-day activities. You can ask your children some questions daily to know what’s going on in their little minds. This will not just help you know your kids better but will in the process help your child get in touch with their feelings which in turn helps them in developing a positive mindset.

A 2019 study showed that one in every five adults suffers from some form of mental disorder i.e almost 51.5 million of the population. 20% of young adults are or will be diagnosed with a mental health illness such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. In such circumstances, it becomes crucial for parents to adopt new strategies of parenting to ensure that they raise mentally strong kids, which includes asking them a few important and significant questions every day.

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Why should you ask these questions to your kids every day?

First, parents must understand why they should be asking their children these questions daily. Children require so much more than a hot meal and just a conversation when they are going to bed. They require intentionality and empathy. It is important for parents to help their children navigate their negative emotions. These questions will ultimately help your kids in developing a positive mindset towards life.

Sometimes parents may feel helpless when they have to tactfully manage their kid’s emotions. They often believe that the only way to help their kids deal with their mental health is by consulting a therapist. Even though that’s not the wrong bad approach, it is possible to directly influence your child and guide them to thrive emotionally even during challenging times.

The child must feel comfortable addressing their concerns to their parents. This is why it is crucial for parents to make them feel they can come and talk to them any time they want.

Parenting is a tricky job and it is also about accepting that you won’t always have the answers. Hence, as parents, it is important to do your research and apply all the things that can be helpful and beneficial for your child. 

Developing a positive mindset is an important aspect of life. Hence it is essential to understand what mentally strong and healthy kids look like. Some of the characteristics of mentally strong kids include:

1. Feel happy and positive all the time.

2. Enjoys life.

3. Loves learning.

4. Gets along with friends and family.

5. Can manage their negative emotions.

6. Prepared to try new or challenging things.

raising mentally strong kids
6 Questions That Can Help You Raise Mentally Strong Kids

6 Questions that Helps Children To Be In Touch With Their Emotions

1. How are you feeling today, emotionally?

Sometimes asking your child something simple as “how are you?” even when you are busy with your daily schedule can go a long way. When you show genuine interest and ask questions like “how are you feeling today, emotionally?” can help your child to feel comfortable opening up to you. It will work remarkably well if you notice them when they are feeling down or sad. It is one of the most important questions that will help your kid to develop a positive mindset.

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