9 Psychological Facts About Love That Will Transform Your Relationship


Psychological Facts About Love Know

Love is an amazing feeling. It can feel magical and completely transform your life when you fall in love with the right person. While writers, poets, artists, and philosophers have beautifully described the pure and painful feelings of love, psychologists have discovered fascinating psychological facts about love that can change how we see love.

The psychology of love

Psychological facts about love

Love can often be overwhelming. It makes us feel things we never have and distorts our thoughts and beliefs. We start doing things we never expected to do and it makes us pine away for the one we love.

While romantic movies and novels tend to depict love in a certain way, the reality of love can be very different from what we believe. Understanding what love really is can be a real challenge. According to love psychology, there are numerous, fascinating psychological facts about love and attraction that we don’t know about. Although romantic love is still a mysterious ‘condition’, researchers have uncovered several truths about this dreadful yet beautiful human emotion that explains how we fall in love and stay in love.

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Understanding love psychology

According to psychologists, love is formed of three primary elements – intimacy, passion, & commitment. Intimacy involves emotional connection & attachment; passion is driven by limerence and physical or sexual attraction; and commitment refers to the decision to stay with our partner and nurture the relationship in the long run.

Romantic love is strengthened through the combination of intimacy, passion, & commitment as only then our emotional, psychological, and physical needs are met by our partner.

9 Psychological facts about love and attraction

All of us try to decode the mystery of love and understand why it makes us feel so good and pathetic at the same time. We delved into the psychology of love and unearthed these surprising psychological facts about love that will help you better understand love.

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9 Surprising Psychological Facts About Love And Attraction

Now you know about the psychology of love and attraction. But love is something that shouldn’t be understood. Only experienced.

Although love originates in the brain, it is nourished in our hearts and sustained by continuous effort.

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