Pregnancy: The Most Sensitive Stage after Marriage


From feeling that first baby kick to having incredibly healthy hair and skin, there are many exciting stages to look forward to during pregnancy. Most of which bring couples closer together. Yes, marriage and pregnancy are both new stages in a couple’s relationship that are exciting and sometimes just plain bewildering!

There are many changes that happen during a pregnancy that can impact your romantic relationship. That’s why we’re looking at 8 ways couples can help support each other throughout the sensitive stage of pregnancy.

1.Get Informed Together

Pregnancy is a new and exciting time in a couple’s life. One of the biggest marriage and pregnancy tips you can follow is to get informed about the pregnancy process together.

Learn about the different stages of pregnancy, download baby growth apps, and marvel at the progress of growing your baby.

Go on YouTube or Pinterest and learn about different birthing styles. Watch a water or hospital birth with your spouse. It may make you a little bit nervous to see what really goes on, but getting informed together can help give you a better idea of what to expect. You can also use this as an opportunity to create a birthing plan as a couple.

2. Spend Quality Time Together

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s hormones are going wild. Couples will benefit by making time for physical intimacy together – after morning sickness has subsided, of course!

Studies show that marital satisfaction was significantly associated with sexual satisfaction. The more sexually satisfied you are, the happier your marriage will be.

The rush of oxytocin released during such intimate moments as holding hands, making love, or cuddling can also reduce stress, which is perfect for nervous parents-to-be! This oxytocin also promotes bonding, increases trust, and improves emotional intimacy.

3. Understand the Flux of Emotions to Come

Pregnancy brings with it a myriad of hormonal changes. Husbands should keep in mind that during this emotional time, his wife may act differently than she normally does. This is because she’s going through an intense flux of emotions. She may be moody, frequently cry, or be incredibly fatigued during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

Be patient and supportive during this time. On days when it feels difficult, keep reminding yourself that this is just a stage and soon it will pass!

4. Don’t Make Big Decisions

Pregnancy is a great time to get close with your spouse, to become partners and boost your marital friendship. What it is not the time for is planning trips, moving house, changing your careers, bleaching your hair, or buying a pet together. Why?

As mentioned above, pregnancy is a time when your hormones will be running wild. A woman will feel overly emotional during the next couple of months, which makes it a poor time to be making big life decisions together.

5. Pay Attention to Your Diet

Morning sickness, which contrary to its name can happen at any time of the day, Symptoms of morning sickness include loss of appetite, sensitivity to smell, fatigue, dizziness, consistent nausea, fainting, and most commonly, vomiting.

It can be helpful to talk about dietary cravings and dietary woes during your pregnancy. You can try and curb pregnancy-related nausea by keeping a snack on your nightstand, which can help prevent blood sugar drops in the night. You can also take ginger pills or eat it raw to help alleviate upset stomach and cramping.

Track symptoms of morning sickness. This can help you identify potential triggers and avoid them until your 12th week of pregnancy when your morning sickness has subsided!

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6. Communicate Openly

This research study shows that agreeing on aims and goals was one of the top qualities that contributed to a lasting marriage. One great way couples can agree on aims and goals have a successful marriage and pregnancy is by communicating openly.

Spouses should be inquisitive of their pregnant wife, asking how she is feeling both emotionally and physically.

Likewise, expecting mothers should be open about their feelings with their spouse. Without communication, they will not be able to pick up on your needs and desires.

Communicating about intimacy is just as important as any other form of communication in your marriage

7. Go to Appointments Together

It is estimated that expecting mothers will attend 10-15 prenatal appointments during her pregnancy. These appointments cover such things as the baby’s growth, health, ultrasounds, hearing the heartbeat, and finding out the gender of the baby.

One way that couples can make marriage and pregnancy a breeze is by attending all baby appointments together.

No matter how insignificant or run-of-the-mill an appointment may seem to a husband, his pregnant wife will no doubt appreciate the love and support he shows by being at her side.

8. Have a Regular Date Night

Pregnancy is a magical time for any couple. As excited as expecting parents might be to devote themselves to their little baby, it’s equally as important for them to continue taking care of their marriage.

Studies show that married couples experience less stress and greater happiness when they are spending quality time together.

Couples can maintain their close connection is by having a scheduled weekly date night.

Research done by The National Marriage Project compiled results from couples who maintained a regular date night (which equals to one or more nights out a month.) The outcome is amazing.

Results showed that couples who have a regular date night are less likely to get divorced and experience a boost in communication, romantic love, and sexual satisfaction.

Marriage and pregnancy are both exciting events in any couple’s lives. As you and your spouse enter into parenthood, you can show support for one another by getting informed about pregnancy and parenting, holding off on big decisions, and spending quality time together both intimately and emotionally before (and after!) the baby comes.

Pregnancy: The Most Sensitive Stage Pin
Pregnancy: The Most Sensitive Stage

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