Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

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Smoking isn’t just an epidemic that’s overtaking the country it is an epidemic that also affects women that are expecting. It’s hard to think that women who are pregnant would risk harming their baby by smoking, but unfortunately, not all are informed on just how dangerous smoking while pregnant can be for the mother and her unborn fetus.

Let’s break it down into demographics so that you can get somewhat of a picture of which ethnicities are more likely to smoke during pregnancy than others.


Smoking During Pregnancy Statistics

ethnicity of sdp woman

The highest percentage of women that smoke during pregnancy is 19.7% in the Native American community. And the ethnicity least likely to smoke during pregnancy are the Asian Americans at 0.6%. There are a few more ethnicities in the middle such as Hawaiians at 10.5%, African Americans at 6%, and Europian Americans at 4.5%.


age od sdp woman

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There is also the factor of age that should be taken into account when you consider which age groups are more prone to smoking during pregnancy. Women ages 20-24 are at 10.7%, with the age groups 15-19 at 8.5%, and 25-29 falling in at 8.2%.


educational level of sdp woman

Other factors are the state that the women live in and her level of education as well. If you have high school experience you at 12.2% likelihood to smoke, if you have a little bit of high school experience then you clock in at 11.7%. While those are the highest percentages the lowest would be a woman with a master’s degree at 0.4%, women with a bachelor’s degree at 1.0%, and in the middle are women that attended a community college and got an associate degree with a percentage of 7.9%.


portions of sdp woman by states

When it comes to the states that have the biggest issues with women smoking during pregnancy from least to greatest is Missouri 15.3%, Vermont 15.5%, Montana 16.5%, Kentucky 18.4%, and West Virginia 25.1%. Now that we have all the figures out of the way it is time to let you all know the dangerous consequences of smoking during pregnancy.

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