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Thrive In Cosmic Vibrations: Why You Must Start Chanting Mantras According To Science

The Vibratory Power of Sacred Words

Words are powerful. Words can change our thoughts, our life and reality. Words can restructure our conscious and subconscious thoughts and help us connect with the divine. Sacred words like mantras can help us connect with our inner self and with the universe. Let’s explore the power of sacred and healing words and why you should start chanting mantras.

The vibratory power of sacred words

According to sacred Vedic knowledge, the universe was born out of pure sound. Om (or Aum), the sound of the sacred spiritual symbol, is widely believed to be the sound of creation.Mantras have their origin from the primordial sound OM which is the sound of creation,” explains a study.

Even NASA claims that 13.8 billion years ago, before any stars or galaxies were formed, our universe was “shook” by sound waves after the Big Bang formed our universe. “As these sound waves propagated through the young universe, they left imprints on the matter and light, much like patterns made by waves on the surface of a pond into which a stone has been dropped,” states NASA

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Thrive In Cosmic Vibrations: Why You Must Start Chanting Mantras According To Science
Thrive In Cosmic Vibrations: Why You Must Start Chanting Mantras According To Science

Om is the original and primordial vibration of our universe through which every other vibration has been born. It has created individual consciousness and enlightened awareness. It is this pure sound that continues to create vibrational energy even at this very moment, forming and birthing each and everything we see, hear, feel and touch. 

Vibration exists all over the universe. Everything is alive with vibrations, human, animals, thoughts, emotions and every single matter. Yogic philosophies explain that even divine energy is resonated through vibrations of sacred words and mantras. Chanting mantras empower us to tap into this divine vibratory power by connecting our individual vibrations with that of the universe.

Mantras allow us to connect and unite with divine vibrations as these sacred words purify the deepest part of our soul and mind. The vibratory power of sacred words can help us to release negative thoughts and emotions, like stress, anxiety, depression, anger and jealousy, transform them into positive energy and become our most authentic self. 

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The power of mantras

Mantram” or mantras are potent spiritual words and phonemes which are repeated, either aloud or silently in our mind, to transform our awareness. Chanting mantras is like reciting powerful, compressed formulas that are rich in spiritual meaning. Mantra is a Sanskrit term, an ancient language, where ‘man’ means mind, and ‘tra’ means instrument. Hence, mantras are basically spiritual tools of thought that help us to attain stillness of the mind through meditation. 

While most mantras are formed in the ancient language of Sanskrit, they do not belong to any particular religion. Rather Sanskrit mantras can be recited by anyone to connect with their inner self and tap into the cosmic synergy. Sanskrit is often regarded as the ideal language by experts as it connects the wholeness of our universe with the nothingness of our individual selves.

When you create a vibration with the power of mantras, it resonates with the energies of nature and the energies of your body and establishes an interconnectedness with all life forms. Chanting mantras with specific meanings can help you attract divine blessings for that specific purpose, for instance inner peace.

Reciting mantras throughout the day, whether you are meditating, doing menial chores or waiting at the bus stop, can help you overcome mental busyness and let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Mantras, intrinsically a tool for concentration, can help us be more mindful and reach a higher level of peaceful consciousness. The vibratory power of sacred words and their spiritual significance can enrich our lives the more we practice and recite them.

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