40+ Interesting Facts About Hinduism That Will Blow Your Mind

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Considered the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism comprises several traditions, ancient texts, beliefs, practices, rituals, and philosophies. Here are a few lesser-known facts about Hinduism that you need to know.

What Is Hinduism?

Hinduism is a way of life and the world’s 3rd largest religion after Christianity and Islam. With more than 1.25 billion global followers, it is an amalgamation of different philosophies and traditions without any specific origin or founder. According to CNN, the term Hinduism is derived from the Sanskrit term Hindu meaning “dwellers by the Indus river.”

The various sacred Sanskrit texts have helped in spreading the religion across the globe through ritual and arts. Hinduism has created a serious impact on Southeast Asian culture since the 4th century CE.

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40+ Interesting Facts About Hinduism That Will Blow Your Mind

Interesting Hinduism Facts You May Not Know

There are tons of mystifying and exciting facts about Hinduism that most people don’t know about. However, before we can delve into some of the most interesting facts about this religion, let us take a quick look at some statistics related to this fascinating religion:

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40+ Interesting Facts About Hinduism That Will Blow Your Mind

Now that we have some idea about the sheer volume of people who practice this religion vehemently, let us learn about some mesmerizing Hinduism facts that you need to know about:

1. There is no clear origin

Hinduism does not have a founder or even a founding event. The religion evolved from various religious and cultural changes in India. “Hinduism has no definite starting point,” writes Professor Gavin Flood for the BBC. He adds “The traditions which flow into Hinduism may go back several thousand years and some practitioners claim that the Hindu revelation is eternal.

2. It is the oldest religion

Hinduism is believed to be the oldest religion in the world with its traditions dating back over 4,000 years. According to the BBC, the Vedic Period, when the Vedas were primarily being written, was circa 1500 – 500 BCE, whereas the Indus Valley Civilisation existed before 2000 BCE.

3. There is only ONE Divine spirit

Hinduism is mostly henotheistic. Although there are 33 Million Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, the Hindus firmly believe that all divinities are avatars or forms of the single universal spirit known as Brahman. The Trimurti or the Hindu Trinity of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Shiva (the destroyer) are the most crucial representations of Brahman. This is one of the most enlightening Hinduism facts you must know about.

40+ Interesting Facts About Hinduism That Will Blow Your Mind
Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma

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4. The Vedas are the oldest religious texts

There is no single religious text or doctrine that is considered the ultimate in Hinduism as there are different beliefs, theologies, and sects. The Vedas are the oldest Hindu Sanskrit scriptures. There are 4 Vedas, namely:

The Rig Veda is believed to be the first among all the 4 Vedas. The Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita are the two other important religious texts in Hinduism.

40+ Interesting Facts About Hinduism That Will Blow Your Mind
Atharva Veda samhita page 471

5. One of the Dharmic traditions

Hinduism, along with Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, comprises the “Dharmic” or “Indic” traditions. This is one of the least known Hinduism facts. In fact, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism have all originated from the primary religion of Hinduism. In fact, Gautama Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. All 4 religions share similar perspectives, philosophies, and spiritual and religious understandings like karma, dharma, moksha, and samsara. 

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  1. Avatar of Ayush Mohanty

    No offense just a correction:The Vedas are not at all in favour of the big bang theory and instead speak an alternative theory of creation. If you don’t believe me you can check out Acharya Agnivrat Naishtik ji’s views about the big bang theory and his Vaidic Rashmi Theory at his YouTube channel Vaidic Physics. Acharya ji is a Vaidic Scientist who has done deep research of our ancient Sanskrit texts and has discovered an entire new theory form the Vedas and their Brahman texts. He says that he can help the physicists of the world and has answers to many important fundamental questions of physics that have been remained a mystery for 50 years or more and in this case regarding the creation of the universe he has something very important to point out in the big bang theory.

  2. Avatar of Vijay

    Dear Harrison, this is about the 33 Million God& Goddesses as mentioned by you..its not correct.The fact is word “33 Koti ” means 33 Types not Millions .These 33 types of Gods/ goddesses are the opulence of Lord Krishna and responsible for the Entire cosmic manifestation .

    I would like this to be corrected.

  3. Avatar of Harshdeep Singh

    In reality actually Buddhism doesn’t originated from Hinduism. But this are Śramaṇic tradition same as Jainism. And rest is earlier life of Siddhartha.
    In reality modern Hinduism is combination of 50% Buddhism + 50% Vedic traditions. There are bunch philosophies that are copied by modern day Hinduism.
    Where is as Hinduism is a brahmnical religion which believes in scriptures rejected by both Śramaṇic traditions. ( i.e Vedic traditions and other scriptures).

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