7 Ways To Enhance The Positive Energy In Your Home

Ways Enhance The Positive Energy Home

Having positive energy in your home can go a long way in making you feel happy, energized and fulfilled. No matter how challenging your day might be, as long as you have a positive space to come back to at the end of the day, it’s enough to turn your mood and emotions around.

Exposure to stress happens on smaller levels you probably haven’t considered. Stress adds up from working long hours at a job you dislike. Your sleep is restless, and you skip breakfast to make more time. You eat junk food to fill the hunger. Later, you oversleep and are late. Experts tell you to not take stress home with you, but much of your stress is found at home.

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. If you have no place to be yourself and relax, the stress cycle may cause you to burn out, affecting all areas of your life. Kick negativity to the curb, and bring harmony back into the home by enhancing positivity energy.

Here Are 7 Ways to Enhance the Positive Energy in Your Home

1. Clear Clutter

All that clutter is blocking the flow of positive energy! You need room to breathe, and positive energy needs room to flow. Kick the clutter out, for goodness’ sake! Clutter has a tendency to gather in the following spaces:

  • Home entryways are the site of “dump everything and go,” and it’s the first impression you receive of your sanctuary once you arrive.
  • Laundry piles in the bedroom and bathroom create navigation havoc, where you hope you don’t break anything important. The quality of your sleep is vital.
  • Free a room from the abyss of your storage nightmare. Closets, spare rooms and corners beware your positive decluttering mojo.
  • Let go of what you don’t need, what you dislike and what can’t be fixed. Don’t let these negative metaphors hang out in your home! Release items that are touchstones for painful memories. Bye-bye ex boxes.

2. Go Minimalist

Once the clutter is clear, focus on the simpler aspects of life. Less is more, when it comes to reclaiming what truly matters. Leading a minimalist lifestyle will free up your attention to focus on your goals, career, relationships, self and home. Many families living the minimalist lifestyle have paid down thousands in debt, and created stronger relationship bonds.

Realize that the memories and real significance are inside you and what you create everyday with others. Your bills and food will come first. You won’t have bulky pieces of furniture crowding you out. Once you focus on minimalism, you are given the freedom of space to do what you need.

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3. Choose Positive Colors

Ever look at your walls and gag? It’s time for a new coat of paint. Are the color combinations in your home displeasing or overwhelming? Welcome color and creativity into your life to bring balance to your home.

Color affects how you feel when you walk into a room and decide whether or not to stay. Color psychology is a phenomenon that explains how your mind and body react to color. Warm colors (red, oranges and yellows) may feel more hostile than cool colors (green, blue, and purple). Mix it up! What’s a sanctuary if you’re always on the go and don’t desire to stay at an uninviting home?

4. Invite Nature In

Nature is inspiring and refreshing to the senses. Invite mother nature in with succulents, herbs and indoor trees.

Studies support the positive power of indoor plants to improve air quality, boost concentration and enhance your sense of well-being. If you spend most of your time inside, indoor air pollution may increase your risk of stroke by 34 percent, lung cancer by 6 percent and respiratory infections in children by 12 percent. Chinese evergreens are great year-round plants to filter the air. Flowers have proven associations with positive, powerful memories to boost optimism, calm feelings and a sense of stability.

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