Pick A Pattern And We’ll Tell You How Your Mind Works

Pick A Pattern How Mind Works

The human mind is an intriguing thing, and you can decipher how your mind works, by simply choosing one pattern out of many!

Your choices in daily objects, patterns, and shapes reflect the way your mind works. We are more attracted to shapes and figures that are similar to our preferred experiences and mindset. It can be rightly said, the way you think determines the way you make your choices.

Choose a pattern and we’ll tell you how your mind works:

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(1) Clear and Distinct:

How your mind works

In the pattern, we see clear distinct lines coming together to form a very simple design. The different sides are clearly visible; so are the angles.

If you chose this image, it means you are attracted to simple and definite things in life. You can break down complex things and offer simpler solutions for everything. With this ability, you are excellent at solving problems. Therefore, your mind understands first, solves, and then concludes.

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(2) Interlinked:

How your mind works

The pattern is a bit difficult to understand with the interconnected lines and corners forming a complex structure.

Choosing this pattern means you go into depths of the problem, trying to figure out the intricacies. You don’t go by the outer appearances. You figure out the nuances of the problem first and then offer practical solutions that are well thought out. Therefore, your mind is highly perceptive and is hardwired to understand complex things.

(3) Straight and bold:

How your mind works

This pattern has fewer lines, each of which stands out boldly and distinctly.

If this is the pattern you have chosen, it means you are attracted to simple and bold things. You are open, courageous, straightforward, and do not complicate things unnecessarily. Therefore, your mind is always inclined towards simplistic things in life and the ones who are borne out of simple beauty.

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(4) Complex and Layered:

How your mind works

Simplicity with an aura of complexity is what characterizes this pattern. The geometrical rules are followed but in a very complex way. This beautiful pattern takes time to be deciphered.

If this is the pattern you chose, it means you have many layers in your brain. It’s more than just complicated. There are so many shades to your personality that you are mysterious to most of the people around you. You have a charm that makes you sexy among everyone else.

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