Tonight It Will Rain Stars- Orionid Meteor Shower


Tonight It Will Rain Stars- Orionid Meteor Shower

Star Magic, the Ways of the Stars: 2017 Orionid Meteor Shower October 20 – October 22. Tonight, it will rain stars!

Star Magic and Star Witches

Witchcraft of the Stars has always been considered powerful and it dates back to the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In fact, Star Magic is considered one of the oldest and most powerful forms of Magic. A Star Magician taps into the powers of the Stars in order to collect and direct the energy of the Stars.

One “branch” of Star Magic is Astrology, the art of foretelling the Future by knowing the ways of the Stars. An ancient Mage would never distinguish Witchcraft from Astrology as the system was born and evolved together as one. The Three Wise Men who predicted the coming of Jesus Christ were, in fact, Powerful Mages from Mesopotamia who studied the ways of the Stars.


Becoming a Star Mage or a Star Witch one must begin to know the ways of the Stars. In Magical Recipes Online we’ll give you tons of Lessons on Astrology and in Star Magic too. Another thing about Stars Magic is that’s so fun! We love looking at the night sky. It connects us with the divine.

The Orionid Meteor Shower 2017

One of the year’s most amazing celestial shows will peak this weekend – prion Halloween. The days when we can enjoy the Orionid Meteor shower are between October 20 and 22.

Why is the Orionid Meteor Shower so magnificent?

The meteors which will illuminate the sky are some of the fastest and brightest among meteor showers as the Orionids originate from the dust and particles left behind by Halley’s Comet. This famous comet orbits the Sun and appears closer to our planet every 75 years.

But as the alien comet dances around the Sun, it leaves behind a trail of stardust. When these particles join our orbit we see this magnificent show. The Orionids get their name because these meteors seem to explode from the constellation of Orion the Hunter.

The shower is one of the strongest in the astronomical calendar. You will be able to see up to 20 meteors per hour at peak time. See more in

To enjoy the shower, even more, setup your alarm around 4 am (or stay away with your buds – family) and watch the shower in the darkest hours before the dawn. See more in 

The Magic of Orionid Meteor Shower

Legend has it that Orion was a giant hunter, son of the Poseidon, god of all waters. Because he was the son of Poseidon we could walk on the see and all waters. Orion was such a great hunter that he even believed he could hunt goddess of the Moon and Hunting, Artemis (Diana in Latin) along with every beast on Earth (which was also protected by Artemis). 


Another version of the story says that Orion accidentally caught sight of 7 beautiful nymphs – daughters of Atlas and Pleione, the Pleiades, companions of Artemis. He was dazzled by their beauty and begun to chase after them. 

In both cases, the Great Goddess of Earth, Gaia intervened. She was furious and sent a giant scorpion to poison and kill Orion. Both Orion and the scorpion put by Zeus in the Stars as constellations. Orion is chasing the Pleiades who is being chased be Scorpio. 

Astrology: Of course, this has its own astrological significance. The Meteor shower from Orion – Scorpio – the Pleiades is usually a potent omen. Combine it with the New Moon (on October 19 – read here more)and retrograde Uranus, the planet of changes, reaching it’s the closest orb to earth tonight! Big changes are coming to the world along with news which has to do with chemical substances, energy, and water. If your job has to do with the above please pay more attention 1. to avoid accidents 2. because this energy boost can help you evolve! 

The Celestial Mage

Ptolemy, the Greek founder of Modern Astrology & Astronomy, wrote that the Gods peer down at the earth from between the Celestial Spheres.

The Celestial spheres (or cosmic spheres, or celestial orbs) were the fundamental entities of the cosmological models developed by Plato, Aristotle, Ptolemy and later Copernicus and others. In these celestial models, the apparent motions of the planets and the other stars are accounted for “by treating them as embedded in rotating spheres made of an aetherial, transparent fifth element – aka quintessence – like bright gems set in orbs. Ptolemy stated that while this happens, stars sometimes slip out of this gap, flashing towards the earth. Shooting stars are hence an indication that the Gods are now paying attention to whatever you would ask for.

How to Wish upon a Shooting Star?

The Progress of performing the simple – and maybe the most famous – Wish Spell is the same as all spells.

  • Close your eyes and Relax
  • Meditate on things you wish to have.
  • Now focus on things that your heart desire the most. Things that set you on Fire!
  • Narrow down your wishes to only one, your most important wish.
  • Stay focused on your Wish. Live it as it already happened!
  • Open your eyes and wait for the Shooting star. Once you see it Re-Live it one more time quickly!
  • Thank the Divine Forces that helped you!
  • Blessed be!

Source: Magical Recipes Online

Follow their website to add more magic in your life

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