The Genuine Characteristics Of A High-value Woman: 10 Things She Never Tolerates


Genuine Characteristics Of A High-value Woman

Are you dating a high-value woman? She knows what she wants and will not let anyone walk all over her. Identify the characteristics of a high-value woman to be the ideal partner she deserves!

If you’re wondering “How can I be a strong woman?” or if you’re dating one, then this article is for you!

So, what are the qualities of a strong woman? How would you know that you’re with a high-value woman? Simple, by her ability to live her life on her own terms and her not letting anyone call the shots in her life. 

A high-value woman has healthy self-love and firm principles. Chances are she had to learn the hard way that if she didn’t value herself enough, no one else would.

From chauvinist lovers to overbearing in-laws, from pay disparity to manspreading, a woman’s fight to claim her fair share is a long and hard one.

And so, those women who have learned to love themselves and gain control over their life, will not tolerate any BS from anyone, including YOU!

That doesn’t mean however that a high-value woman is controlling or not looking for support from her partner. It simply means that she won’t trade her dignity and respect for love.

And you must bring your A-game if you want to be with a high-value woman. Women who know their worth have quite high standards and they have zero tolerance for half-backed love and wishy-washy lovers.

But, trust us, if you treat her with the respect, love, and care that she deserves, she is going to return the same and maybe even more!

So, you have impressed her with your charms, but now, how to get your high-value woman into a relationship with you, and how to keep her happy?

Should you be more caring and less interfering? Or give her more space and pretend to care less?

Relax! We have all the answers! To celebrate Women’s Day, we have listed the “strong woman traits” for you. Identify the signs of a strong woman, stay clear of these relationship blunders, and you are golden!

10 Characteristics Of A High-Value Woman

Before we begin, we want to tell our female readers that if you are someone who wishes to become a high-value woman, you can use these points as a guide on how to be a strong woman and to know about the things you should never tolerate in a relationship.

How can I be a strong woman?

1. Won’t Tolerate Disrespect

A strong woman in a relationship will never tolerate disrespect from a man. High-value women know that mutual respect is the foundation of any relationship and if she feels you are not treating her well, she will not beg you to be nice to her. A high-value woman walks away. She will take her dignity and leave!

2. Won’t Play Your Silly Power Games

An emotionally strong woman in a relationship never gives her power away. She believes in a well-balanced and harmonious relationship based on understanding between each other.

She knows when to take charge and when to take a step back. If you indulge in a power game with her by trying to dominate her or controlling the relationship on your own, she will refuse to play your game and quit on you.

3. Won’t Take Your Overstepping Her Boundaries

One with high-value woman traits has a strong sense of boundaries. Overstepping boundaries can be done in many different ways. It can be camouflaged with love or it can be straight out creepy or infuriating. Encroaching boundaries can be:

  • Stalking her either over the internet or in real life
  • Being over-possessive and jealous
  • Being clingy to the point of smothering her
  • Imposing arbitrary rules to curb her freedom
  • Interfering with her life choices
  • Putting restrictions on her movements

If you are doing any of these things, then you’re not only pushing her boundaries, you’re also pushing your luck. A strong woman in a relationship fiercely protects her liberty and she won’t put up with this kind of behavior just to save the relationship, that’s for sure.

4. Inequality

A strong woman in a relationship is aware of her worth and also her weakness. She wants a partner who will compliment her in every way. There must be an equal exchange of energy.

She is humble and emotionally secure enough to ask for help when she needs it. She will also love to learn things from her man and admire him for his skills and knowledge.

But what a strong woman never tolerates in a relationship is being treated with inequality. If you let your male ego, money, social status, family background, education, or any such thing disturb the balance of the relationship, you can kiss her goodbye!

A woman of substance knows very well what not to tolerate in a relationship and will dump your sorry ass if you do any of the following:

  • Subtle sexist behavior like taunting her about women’s rights
  • Expect her to comprise her career, values, or personal choices
  • Mansplaining
  • Making her believe she is less than your equal in any way

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5. Negative Attitude Toward Her

A strong woman in a relationship will welcome your constructive criticism if it reflects your concern and care toward her.

But if you behave like Debbie Downer all the time, constantly criticizing and undermining her and her achievements, opinions, and views without offering any support, solution, or assistance, you will be out of the picture in no time.

A strong woman in a relationship expects you to be supportive of her dreams and aspirations because she is more than willing to offer the same to you. She will not tolerate a partner who belittles her, rains on her parade, and brings her down with his negativity.

6. Emotional Distance

One of the things mentally strong women don’t do is chase emotionally unavailable men. An emotionally secure woman values a partner who can openly express his love and with whom she can have a strong and intimate relationship.

Yes, brooding silent men are interesting, but if you keep emotional walls up all the time and your woman feels like an outsider in the relationship, not being able to connect with you on a deeper emotional level, guess what will happen?

She will prioritize her emotional well-being and give up on the relationship. So, don’t be emotionally cold or aloof with a strong woman in a relationship. 

7. Lies And Deception

If your strong woman catches you cheating on her or lying to her about your whereabouts without any satisfactory reason, you’re dead meat. She will not give you a second chance.

Strong women are women of character who are always open and honest in their relationships and they expect the same loyalty from their men. And one more thing, strong women have high emotional intelligence, so don’t even think of playing her.

8. Manipulation

A strong woman in a relationship can detect manipulation and identify it as emotional abuse. She will not fall for your microaggressions and go on guilt trips or blame herself for your shitty behavior.

She will not try to please you at the cost of her self-respect or do any of the things you might want her to do that are not in her best interest. Instead, she will call you out on your manipulative tactics and cut you out of her life for good.

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9. Neglect

If you neglect a strong woman in a relationship, she will not fight for your attention but will move on from you. She is not the one to wait around for a guy. She knows she deserves her man’s time and attention as much as he deserves hers. So if you do not prioritize her or you choose to ignore her intentionally, you will end up being sorry.

A strong woman in a relationship never begs to be treated with respect.

10. Being Flaky

Strong women can not stand flaky men and she clearly sees through their excuses. If you keep bailing on her, canceling plans, or sticking her with the check even after you ask her out, she will deem you unfit for a mature and healthy relationship.

If you want to keep your strong woman in a relationship interested in you, then better clean up your act. When you make a commitment to your girl, try to follow through.

Get Your Act Together

All the points discussed above are attributes of a strong woman. Someone with the signs of a high-value woman will refuse to be put last, won’t budge on unfair requests, and definitely won’t settle for less.

If you’re dating a lady who exhibits these strong woman characteristics, may you be the man who appreciates her and does his bit to keep her happy.

And if you’re a woman yourself, may you embody the traits of a high-value woman or continue to be the magnificent warrior that you are already!

Now that you know the characteristics of a high-value woman, don’t forget to let us know your take on the characteristics of a strong woman by commenting below. Happy Women’s Day!!

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