The Mirrors Of Relationship: The Secret To Finding The One For You

Mirrors Of Relationship

Have you ever heard of the principle, The Mirrors Of Relationship, which can help you find the right man for yourself, for once and for all? 

We’ve all been through that dating experience… you meet the guy, everything is going perfectly and then bam! All of a sudden you or he is not interested any more… and you’re not quite sure what went wrong.

It’s great if the party that loses interest is you because well, it doesn’t matter anymore does it? But if you’re the party that’s left behind wondering and struggling, well it just plain sucks doesn’t it?

The Mirrors Of Relationship

So first off, you’re not going insane, this really did happen. It’s quite common in relationships actually, and it’s called the mirrors of relationship.

Basically, up until a certain point in your evolutionary development, many of the relationships that come into your life, both romantic and platonic, do so in order to show you a mirror of yourself. The same holds true for the other party.

The moment you or the other party gains conscious awareness of the lesson that you came together to learn, the energetic pull that draws you into the relationship will fall away, causing you to lose interest.

Mirrors usually come to show you something in the following categories:

  • Who you are
  • What you judge, resist, admire or carry a charge (e.g. fear of lack) around
  • What you’ve lost and compromised within yourself
  • What your expectations of yourself, others and the Divine are, and their expectations of you
  • Generational Patterns that are learned from family
  • Active Memories of past events or people
  • Karmic influencers
  • Fears
  • Conflicts, complements, and dualities in your primary relationships

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So How Do You Recognise Mirrors?

The Mirrors of Relationships are pretty easy to identify.

The point of the exercise is to create awareness, because in most cases, awareness is usually enough to create a shift, basically releasing the energetic hold that the character has over you. By awareness, what I mean is that the moment you see the statement it will just make sense for you, be and feel obvious.

In cases that it doesn’t release immediately and just becomes an awareness, you would be advised to work with a coach or energy healing practitioner to shift the belief or belief systems.

Start by listing all the characteristics in your partner (or anyone) that bug you or that you admire. Once you have each characteristic, e.g. I love how possessive John is, then you compare it against the following list of questions:

1. Where am I like this?

2. Where do I judge this in others or myself?

3. Where do I resist or fear this in my life?

4. Where do I look up to/admire others for having this characteristic?

5. Where do I fear this not materializing in my life?

6. Where have I lost or compromised parts of myself to have this in my life?

7. Where have I lost or compromised this characteristic in myself?

8. Where have I given this up in someone else that I’ve lost?

9. Am I meeting my own expectations of who I thought I’d be?

10. Am I meeting my parents/my family/society/God’s expectations of myself?

11. Do I feel like my parents/my family/society/God are living up to my expectations of them?

12. Are other people in my family like this or lacking this characteristic?

13. Can I remember a specific incident or person from my past related to this?

14. Is this related to something that I’ve thought about my whole life?

15. Does something about this scare me?

16. Is this something I judge or admire in my partner?

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