12 Ways Your Body Knows When You Have Found ‘The One’, According To Science


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when you have found the one

When it comes to looking for your soulmate, your body definitely knows when you have found The One. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Do we actually get any hints from our bodies when we meet ‘the one’? If yes, then how do you know you have found the one?

Science tells us, the body knows it all!

The cliche of getting butterflies in your stomach when you find Mr. Right may not be far from fact.  In fact, your mind isn’t the only part of your body that signals you about ‘the knight in shining armor. 

However obsessed we become about a person, their thoughts rushing in our mind day in and day out, once we meet the tangible person, things will definitely look different.

If his/ her touch isn’t feeling pleasurable, let’s not ignore it.

Our bodies are capable of sensing subtle hints we get from the other person’s physical contacts, more efficiently than we are ready to give it credit for.

While the intoxicating high of the sexual connection you are feeling will keep you blinded from reasoning out whether the one you are eyeing is the perfect person for you or not, our bodies are performing their duty of signaling us to stay or leave.

So, how to know you have found The One? Let’s find out!

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12 Ways Your Body Knows When You Have Found The One, According To Science

1. Warmth

This is one of the major signs your body gives off when you have found The One.

When you are around him/her, you almost feel like you are basking in the sun. You are not only radiating a beautiful glow, when you are around him/her but also absorbing the warmth of his presence.

If the person you are dating makes you feel cold, distant, and closed off, it’s time you say goodbye.

2. Optimism

Optimism is an attitude toward living life. Nothing is as crucial as a positive outlook toward life and nobody has the right to take away that ability from you.

If a person drains you of your constructive energy and instigates negative responses from you in the form of self-growth inhibitory emotions – anger, jealousy, envy, resentment, vengeance, and hatred in you, you must stay away from him/her.

When you have found the one.
When you have found The One

3. Motivated

If someone instills in you the overwhelming feeling of motivation and a positive outlook on life, he will be a keeper. If all of these behaviors make you feel like he is trying to pull you down or is asking you to slow down your game, you need to show him the door.

Your partner is to make you feel zealous and all flowing with energy to achieve heights in life and not make you doubt yourself.

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4. Be yourself

You not only feel comfortable emotionally connecting to him/her but also physically feel relaxed. Your body posture is open and at ease. You also feel calm and soothed in his presence. This sense of comfort comes from the unconditional acceptance your partner provides you.

If you feel threatened, insecure, and criticized by your partner, he/she is definitely not worth your love.

5. Scent

The sense of smell is the strongest of all our senses. If his/her natural smell makes you go weak in the knees, then even the biological aspect of your being is hinting at a genuine attraction.

Lindsey Bordone, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center said “Humans don’t have a functioning ‘vomeronasal organ’,” she says, “which is what other animals use to detect pheromones secreted by another animal of the same species. Instead, we sense smells via the olfactory system. Perceivable smells likely do play a role in attraction, or lack of attraction, in people.”

Your Body Knows The One
When you have found The One

6. Healthy

If the person you are dating is helping you make healthy changes in your lifestyle, then he is a keeper.

If the person is motivating you to take steps towards a healthier diet, encouraging you to exercise, and pushing you to eat healthy by taking proper meals at the right times, then the person is undoubtedly investing in you.

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7. Intuition

This is one of the major signs your body gives you when you have found The One.

Indeed intuition has saved us a lot of time. Though it might not seem scientific enough to many people, its existence is approved by a number of studies and research.

A team of researchers from the University of New South Wales has come up with a novel technique demonstrating just how much unconscious intuition can inform and even improve our decision-making. 

8. Empathy

Your partner gets angry and screams at you, and you also scream back in outrage. Your partner doesn’t even consider your emotions, and needlessly starts screaming at you. It hurts, doesn’t it? And even if you try to make them understand that they are hurting, they just don’t seem to realize it.

Empathy is a rare potential of a person. If your partner can put himself/herself in your place to understand your mindset, treasure him. 

9. Cuddling

When you are too comfortable with your partner that you can cuddle with him whenever you feel like it. Cuddling feels like heaven every time you do it. Every time you feel your partner’s touch, you lose yourself.

Cuddling brings in a sense of connection which is more satisfying than any other kind of intimacy. It brings you both physically closer.

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10. Calm

If you feel anxious, all worked up, and restless around this person you are dating, you are not with them right now.

A simple glance at their face, their mere presence should be more than enough to make you feel at ease.

When you have found the one, this is how you will know it for sure.
When you have found The One

11. Echoes

The trail your partner leaves in you, the sense of longing for them is a good indicator to decide if he is meant for you or not. Even after years of being together, if the person leaves an everlasting impression on you, you are there. Don’t let him/her go.

12. Need

You feel the need to be in their presence, even if you are not doing anything productive together. Your need almost feels like an ache all over your heart.

Not everyone can provoke such a sense of yearning in you as he/she does. No doubt he/she is ‘the one’.

These are 12 ways how your body knows he’s the one.

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Signs you have found the one

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How to know if you have found the one
Your Body Knows When You Have Found The One pin
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when you have found the one pin

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