Lunar Personality Type: What the Moon Phase You Were Born In Says About You

Lunar Personality Type Moon Phase Were Born You

Our unique personality traits are governed by the phase of the moon during the time of our birth.

People belonging to the same moon phase at the time of their births usually share some attributes of their personality. The phase of the moon, when you were born in this world, provides valuable information about your personality, life motivation, emotions and behavior.

It can give deep insights about your fundamental drives, the primary purpose of your life, and how you’ll contribute to society over the course of your life. Equipped with such vital knowledge about your life and personality, you will begin to understand yourself much better.

First of all, you need to find your lunar birth phase, which is the moon’s stage at the time of your birth.

Lunar Personality Type: What the Moon Phase You Were Born In Says About You

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How can you find the Moon Phase you were born in?

The diagram given above shows the eight different phases of the moon. The lunar phase cycle, i.e., from one new moon to the next new moon, is around 29 days. To an observer on earth, each phase lasts for approximately three and a half days.

Since a lunar cycle lasts for 29 days but a month has 30/31 days, it will be a complicated process to calculate your moon phase from the chart above. Moreover, if your birthdate falls on the day the moon is transitioning from one phase to another, it makes it even more difficult to identify your moon phase.

Find out the moon phase you were born in, by clicking on the below Moon Phase Calculator link and once you know your Moon phase , read how it impacts your personality below:

Moon Phase Calculator

Just click on the link, fill out the details and get the Moon Phase your were born in. You just need to have two things handy:

  • Your full date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Your time of birth.

Once you’re done finding out your moon phase, come back here to read about all the interesting information your Moon Phase gives about your overall personality, fundamental traits and course of life.

There are eight personality types corresponding to eight lunar phases:

Lunar Personality Type: What the Moon Phase You Were Born In Says About You
  1. New Moon
  2. First/Waxing Crescent
  3. First Quarter (the half-moon in waxing phase)
  4. Waxing Gibbous Moon (a three-fourth stage of the moon, the final stage before the full moon arrives)
  5. Full Moon
  6. Disseminating Moon/Waning Gibbous (the three-fourth stage of the moon just after the full moon)
  7. Last Quarter (the half-moon in the waning phase)
  8. Balsamic Moon/Waning Crescent

Waxing or Waning

The Waxing cycle of the moon, from New Moon to Full Moon, symbolizes growth, development and establishing new things. This is in sync with the changes in the moon during the first half of the cycle, when it grows in size and radiates more light. People born during the Waxing cycle of the moon are usually the ones to establish new ideas and ways of thinking.

The Waning phase of the moon, when the moon changes from full size to New Moon (invisible stage of the moon), is associated with return, renewal and change. Hence people born under this phase act as agents of renewal and change.

Moon Phase Personality Types:

1. New Moon

Lunar Personality Type: What the Moon Phase You Were Born In Says About You

You’re full of energy and excitement and have a childlike attitude. You’re impulsive and take decisions based on your instincts. You’ve many hobbies and interests. You start new things with a lot of enthusiasm, but may fail to keep it up. You’re likely to achieve success at a young age.

People born under the New Moon phase, have a bubbly personality and childish outlook on life- full of wonderment and trill. You are open and communicative, you take decisions and act on the spur of the moment. You have a lively, cheerful demeanor and bring in a lot of energy and enthusiasm in your work life. You feel the best when there’s a new project at hand that requires your creative skills and fresh ideas; you feel hopeful and excited about the outcome. Your enthusiasm pushes you to work with great intensity and speed, but the fear is that you may get exhausted before you complete your mission.

On the downside, you have a purely subjective perspective of life. Generally, people born under new moon phase achieve success at a young age. But they need to sustain that intensity and mindset throughout their life.

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