9 Mixed Signals Guys Send When Dating That Leaves Women Wondering


Mixed Signals Guys Send

As a woman, are you tired of all the mixed signals that guys send, when you are dating? Are you always confused about his intentions and feelings?

Have you ever been called “crazy” by a man? If that offended you, its time you look at it differently. Think over, and it will make you laugh since it is the men who keep overwhelming us with their unreasonable, erratic, and inconsistent behavior.

So, let’s list down some of the instances when men leave us wondering if they are in their right mind:

1. They Follow Us For Days But When We Respond, They Lose Interest

A man’s feelings for a woman can be like a sand dune. But, the tenacity with which they chase a woman can make any woman get interested. However, when her feelings are aroused he is nowhere to be found, as his feelings, like sand dunes, have changed direction.

2. When A Relationship Starts Taking Shape, They Demand “Space”

Just as you start coming together and looking forward to spending more time, he suddenly feels the need for space. This leaves us baffled since we cannot match his eagerness to be with us and his desire to be alone.

3. Leave Him Alone, And He Can’t Be Happy

We are clueless, who is “crazy”.

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4. Can’t Let Go Of Us But Can’t Commit Either

They are not sure what they want. Even if they commit, they cannot behave in the same way. Even if they ditch us, they don’t disappear completely. Only if they could make up their minds they would have known things aren’t that complicated or difficult.

5. Even When They’re Totally Into Us, They Communicate With Us As If They Can’t Stand Us

Even when completely in love, they become rude. They wouldn’t care to respond to half the messages of the girl, no matter how much they like her. Men really don’t know that not responding to messages within a reasonable period of time is considered rude.

6. They Pretend To Be In Love

We understand whenever a man does this. It may take us some time but nevertheless we do. While he can’t get what he is looking for, he manages to prove himself an asshole.

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7. We Lose Temper When They Behave Shitty, They Can’t Understand Why

They have this strange expectation that a woman wouldn’t react, even when they flirt with other women right in front of her, or manipulate her emotionally to get her on the bed. They simply can’t take it when a woman reacts to their bullshit. And when they call us crazy for our reaction, we want to tell them, they are the actual madcaps.

8. They Deny Our Emotional Needs But Want Their Demands Fulfilled

Men are quick to label us “needy” when we ask for their time, but they don’t like to be called selfish when they text us in the middle of the night demanding sex just because they feel aroused. When they do this, they simply reveal their meanness. But it’s time they accepted they are really “crazy” if they expect us to keep up with their double standards.

9. They Want A Woman To Do Different Things All At The Same Time

Most men want to have virgins, but when in bed expect her to behave like a whore. For these men, a woman is desirable, when she knows the art of blending the two completely opposite things into one single package.

It can be very exhausting sometimes to deal with all the mixed signals guys send. But whether you want to remain with that man is completely up to you. If you feel that his games are getting too much for you, then let him go. Someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated is waiting for you, right around the corner.

If you want to know more about the mixed signals that guys send, then check out this video below:

Mixed Signals Guys Send
Mixed Signals Guys Send

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