How To Make Your Wife Happy: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now


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how to make your wife happy things you can do right now

One of the major challenges a man faces in a relationship is how to make his woman happy. Sometimes, in marriages, finding the key to a happy wife may appear unconscionable but there are some small heartfelt things you can do to show your love to her which undoubtedly will put a smile on her face.

Are you looking for things that you can do right now to make your wife happy?

Did you used to find it very easy to make her happy but now, as the years have gone by, are you finding it more difficult? Do you long to bring your relationship back to a place where you feel more connected and you know that she feels loved?

Good for you! And you know, as a guy, that action is the best way to get what you want.

If I can sum up in one word that thing that can make your wife happy, it’s ROMANCE. I know it’s a scary word but your fear of it is one of the reasons why you are where you are today.

Make Your Wife Happy

Here Are 5 Romantic Things That You Can Do Right Now To Make Your Wife Happy.

So what kind of romance am I talking about?

1. Tell Her She Looks Nice.

I am sure right now you are thinking that you tell your wife she looks nice all the time. But I want you to really think about it. How often do you really look at your wife? I mean really look and take note of the things that made you attracted to her in the first place? And when you do, do you verbalize what you are seeing?

One of the things that I know from being married, and from my clients, is that we women often feel invisible. We feel like we are taken for granted. We feel like our person no longer sees us the way they used to and that makes us feel unloved.

A client of mine lost weight over the summer and bought herself a killer dress for a party she and her husband were attending. She dressed carefully that night, excited to see her husband’s face when he saw her. His reaction? Nada.

I would encourage you to take the time to really look at your wife, to take note of what she’s wearing, how she’s looking, to reconnect with the things that you love about her.

I can promise you that, if you mention even one small thing about your wife’s appearance, you will make her happy, even if she doesn’t act like it.

(Note: Under NO circumstances mention her weight. Period.)

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2. Set Up A Date.

Many couples, when they are having discussions about their relationship, promise that they will make time for each other regularly. And then what happens? Life gets in the way and they don’t.

Furthermore, when couples agree to spend more time together, it is often left to the wife to make the plans, to figure out the date, to cover the babysitting, to make the reservations. All those things are things that she has to do every day around her family and her work and this will just be one more thing. And she will resent it.

I can promise you that, if you make an effort to plan a date night with your wife if you decide when and where, you cover babysitting, and you choose an outing that you know she’ll enjoy, this is a thing that you can do right now to make your wife happy.

Just planning the date alone, I can promise you, will give your wife some joy. You can do this. You know you can. So, do it.

3. Take Some Weight Off Her Shoulders.

Many wives carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. The house care, the childcare, the scheduling, their work, their parents, you. All these things are things that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

All of these things get very heavy. I would encourage you to try to lift some of the weight off of your wife’s shoulders, even if just for a day.

I would also encourage you to not ask her what she needs but to look for an opportunity and to just do it. You can tell her that you are going to do it, but don’t ask her if you can do it.

Part of taking the weight off of your wife’s shoulders is making it so she doesn’t have to make a decision about whether to let you help her and what you can help her with. That’s just one more thing on her shoulders. Just do something that you know she would like done and do it.

So, take a look at what your wife needs and help her take a load off. I can promise you doing so is one of those things you can do right now to make your wife happy.

4. Give Her A Gift.

Imagine if your wife walked into the room right now and gave you a gift. Something small, but something that was meaningful to you. How good would that feel?

So, why don’t you do the same for your wife? A small gift would be just the thing to brighten her day.

A very important part of gift-giving is what you give her for a gift. My ex-husband and I had an agreement that he could never give me something that would have a power cord after a friend of ours gave his girlfriend an alarm clock! He stuck to that and the gifts he gave me were very thoughtful. They made me feel loved and appreciated at the moment.

I encourage you to go out right now and buy something that you know your wife would like. If you have no idea what she would like, ask her friends. They will know exactly what she wants.

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5. Hug Her.

I never put this one at the beginning of a list of things you can do to make your wife happy. Even though they might desperately want to be hugged, many women feel overwhelmed these days by their life and their up-and-down relationships with their husbands.

As a result, if their husband reaches out for a hug in a way he hasn’t for a long time, they might pull back, unsure and surprised.

But, if you have done all the things that I recommend above or at least a few of them, your wife will be way more receptive to a hug than she might have been before.

Hugs are said to be a key to keeping a relationship healthy. A 10-second hug every day – experts say – connects people in a way that is profound.

And, hugs are relatively safe. Sex can be fraught with all sorts of issues but hugs are just lovely, little, and sweet.

So, there you have 5 things that you can do right now to make your wife happy and to bring some romance into your relationship.

I know that romance might not be a priority for you but it definitely is for a woman. Particularly, if she is a wife with a lot of responsibilities.

So, dig deep. That romantic you are in there somewhere. After all, she fell in love with you once.

You can do this! You will be glad you did.

Written By: Mitzi Bockmann
Originally Appeared On: Let Your Dreams Begin
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