10 Love Resolutions For The Single Woman

love resolution for single woman

Love Resolutions For The Single Woman

Whoever said there was anything wrong in being a single woman

Love can be simple or complex.

When a woman lets her love life run on autopilot, love becomes complex.


If you’d like to simplify love, take a conscious approach by setting and following resolutions. Set your own resolutions or start with these 10 and simplify your love life.

1. Become Better

Become better by taking responsibility; don’t become bitter by blaming others. Learn from each encounter and relationship that doesn’t work out by reflecting on your contribution to the undesired outcome. Then do the inner work to better support you in moving forward.


2. Stop Hooking Up

If you want true and lasting love, take time to get to know a man (i.e. who he is, what he’s about, his values, his intentions, etc.) instead of having sex early on.

A high-quality man will respect you and not pressure you into sex.


3. Have a To-Be List

Having your ideal relationship is more about who you’re being. We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. If you want to be loved, respected, cherished and trusted, be these very same qualities towards yourself and your partner.


4. Get Real About Love

True and lasting love isn’t timely and doesn’t happen when you want it. In your early 20s, time is in your favor. Time isn’t as plentiful as you mature.

Take a proactive approach to love by creating your ideal love life instead of falling into a relationship with men who aren’t quite right for you.


5. Settle for More

You are worthy of a loving and fulfilling romantic relationship.

Settle for more by being with a man who values your true self. Be with a man who supports you in living a full life, where you spend quality time together, with friends and family and as individuals.

6. Lighten Up

You’ll attract better men and relationships when you take a light-hearted approach to love. Let go of your expectations; when things don’t go according to your plan, you become disappointed and heavy about love. Setting intentions helps you lighten up and be open to what happens.


7. Expose Yourself

If you’re single and want to find success in love, be open-minded and open-hearted. Put yourself in places to meet men.

Try online dating, meetups and activities where your potential mate might be. For instance, if you enjoy tennis, join a tennis league.


8. Stay the Course

On your journey to love, don’t get derailed by men who aren’t right for you just because you’re lonely. Live your life fully by discovering and living your passions. Do things that soothe your soul like spending time in nature, getting a massage, journaling, listening to music, etc.


9. Enjoy the Journey

If enjoying the journey to love has been hard, you’ve been focusing on something that happened in the past or something that might happen in the future.

Being present lets you better enjoy the journey. Being grateful and having a positive support system is helpful as well.


10. Be Hopeful

Your attitude seeps into every aspect of your love life. If you want to have love with more ease and clarity, choosing to be hopeful is the most supportive to travel.


Final Words

Following through on your resolutions guarantees having the love you desire. When you’re faced with a situation, choice or decision that causes you to hesitate, ask yourself, “Is how I’m about to be or what I’m about to do, bringing me closer to or taking me further away from what I want?”

Make the choice that brings you closer to what you want.

I’d love to know your love resolutions. Which resolutions will you practice?

Originally appeared in Love for successful women

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