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Love Horoscope 2020

Love Horoscope 2020

Find out what the stars have planned for you for the new year.

Would your relationship bond get stronger or will 2020 be a challenging year for love and romance. And for the singles, will you find your soulmate? Will your year be full of romance and passion?

Here’s your yearly love horoscope. Find out what awaits your zodiac sign in the love department!

Love Horoscope for 2020

Presenting the Love Horoscope for 2020, to tell you what your stars have in store for you!

1. Aries: Winds of change

2020 is going to be a year of change for Aries. For most of the year, your love life will be in a state of status quo. If you are already in a relationship, you might feel that there is something amiss in your bond – the flame of passion might seem to have burned out. It will be taxing and you are likely to doubt love. If you survive this test of purity, the two of you will come closer than ever. Make your marriage a priority if it’s troubling. But if you don’t last, the cosmos will send you another partner in due time.

The excitement, the enthusiasm will return in your life by the end of October. Expect to meet a lot of new acquaintances, business partners and people with high status. You will be likely to get attracted to them, so all the single ladies and gentlemen, by the end of 2020, you may have someone to go home to!

2. Taurus: Rocky Road Warning!

2020 is going to be a tough year for Taurus, there’s no denying this. There is a tendency of divorce and breakups. The year will pose a fire test for you, and you will make it to the other end only if true feelings bind you together, or break it on finding each other incompatible. A lot of mood swings are expected during the year along with new and sudden friendships.

Since Taurus are people who want security in their lives, this period of instability will be emotionally draining for them. Sorry Taurus, it is likely that you will have to remain single if you haven’t found anyone yet, and all those who were looking forward to getting married, consider giving it a second thought because you just might not be able to bring the stars for her!

3. Gemini: Bring out the roses

2020 – A year to rejoice for Gemini. Love is going to be in the air for all Gemini, as a year full of partnership opportunities is on way. You might feel attracted to people with wealth and power but will look for a mind and spirit.

If you have been doubting your self-worth, let it be known that there is someone who will love you under all the given conditions. What’s special about this year is that you don’t have to make any special efforts. Just go on with your schedule and love will find you on its own. This applies to your social life also, where you can expect to make friends who are dedicated to you. If you’re married, don’t be suspicious if you suddenly get more attention from your spouse.

4. Cancer: Mild roller coaster

Half of 2020 is going to be a bumpy ride for Cancer. Your relationship will have to undergo the difficult phase put in by your stars. It’s a do or die for your relationship, but it won’t be as extreme as the last few years.

In case you don’t pass the exam with a good grade, don’t worry, the beginning of July will bring better opportunities, where you can rekindle your romance – either with your ex or someone new. All throughout the year, your libido will remain at an all-time high. This will make it difficult for singles to lay the foundation of a strong relationship, but for couples, it’s the best time to have a baby.

5. Leo: Something serious, something fun

2020 is a year of commitment for Leo. You will be looking for stability and not playing around in your relationship. Problems and challenges may arise due to events in your partner’s life, like the death of a family member, surgery, etc. But you will be able to surpass all barriers because of the essence of your relationship.

All the singles may not find anyone at the beginning of the year, and it is likely that you will be attracted to people with whom you can have fun, irrespective of their wealth and status. A change will come around the middle of December, where anyone in their courtship period may have chances of getting engaged or married. If you face problems in your marriage or relationship, consider traveling on a vacation or doing some activities together, which will be beneficial for the couple. Your love train seems to have halted at an unofficial platform!

6. Virgo: It’s judgment time

As a Virgo, you know that love and relationships are not fairy tales; they require efforts from both the partners to be successful. You will realize that there’s more to the togetherness of two people than physical and materialistic gains. If you have been feeling a burden on your shoulder and it seemed like your partner is not putting in his share of work to run your relationship smoothly, it’s time to call ‘It’s over’. For everyone single out there, 2020 might make you open your heart for a sweetie to make a place there. Spirituality, however, will remain a top priority in determining your attraction to a person.

7. Libra: Year of flings!

2020 seems to be in an unstable year for Libra. Relationships and friendships will be strange, requiring more effort and work. At this stage, it is advisable to give as much freedom to your partner as you can, and not take on the dominating role.

If you have pent up frustration in your partnership, it is likely to blow up and you will not be motivated to sort things out. For all the ones tired of being single, it’s unlikely that you will find someone serious, but the year is a good one to flirt around. You might be attracted to unconventional people which may arouse the rebellious you. You can expect some past love to resurface again, but it’s not a time to look forward to some cozy moments!

8. Scorpio: All play and no passion

The upcoming year seems to be a playful one for Scorpio. There will be a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy the moment without any responsibility. If you are single, there will be times where you will be unusually confident and bold in your ideas, which will help you find a partner. You are likely to find a partner between April and May but beware of the tests that it’ll have to undergo.

For the happy couples, it’s time to look deeper into your marriage. If it feels like a business transaction or if there is resentment pertaining to resources, address it properly or your happiness will fall apart. The year is a road to tread with heed!

9. Sagittarius: Time to be practical

Your social life will vary from month to month, however, you can expect it to be active with you planning parties and get-togethers instead of waiting for them to come.

You will have to reflect on the usage of your sexual energy and determine if you have been responsible or reckless in this aspect. You are likely to reconsider your relationship and your value in it. Reasoning will be the trait that will make you feel attracted to people, but this is not the year to make advances into a new relationship. It seems that your love lights are turned off this year, Sagittarius!

10. Capricorn: New-beginnings are coming

2020 will be a year of freshness for Capricorn. For some of you, it will mark the beginning of an everlasting bond that emerges after a rough test and for some, it will be a major ending. You will have plenty of relationship opportunities and your social life will be quite active with you feeling safe in throwing parties and organizing events. However, it might be a challenge to maintain a balance between work and love. If you’ve recently ended a relationship, this year will mark a new beginning or rebirth of your spirits.

11. Aquarius: You’re growing up!

The year ahead defines the status quo perfectly for you. There will not be any major happenings in your love life; however, you will be free to date all you want, without any commitment. There might be a lack of interest in serious dating because of your new-found freedom to grow and evolve. Your sexual activities might hit a slowdown, which is why this year will not be strongly romantic. You will grow with regard to love and friendships, embracing a new feeling of maturity. Maybe the cosmos wants to give you a year of rest!

12. Pisces: Self-love is knocking

2020 might not be a very lovey-dovey year for Pisces. You are likely to feel a strong sense of personal freedom, which does not usually work well with marriage, so weddings are not on the cards this year. Existing relationships will be tested severely and you might have second thoughts about surviving the attachment with your honey. 

Pisces will need a lot of room, which is the only way to save the bond. You can expect an evolution of your spirit and a deeper connection with yourself. What’s better than having a perfect relationship with oneself?

For everyone, wait for the right time!

The year is definitely going to bring a lot of happenings in your lives. The planets and their gods will shower their blessings on all of us, whether you will get a mate or not and irrespective of whether your marriage will survive or not. “The universe is unfolding as it should”, so keep in mind that if things don’t work out in your favor, cosmos is waiting for the right time to send in Mr. /Miss. Perfect. Now, you just have to wait for the sensation of violins or death-knells ringing in your ears!

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