Life Lessons From Queen Elizabeth: 8 Lessons From The Longest Ruling Monarch That’ll Stay with us Forever


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Queen Elizabeth Lessons Longest Ruiling Monarch

And now her watch has ended. Queen Elizabeth II bid adieu to the mortal world yesterday and left behind a daunting and iconic legacy. Ruling for 70 years, she was the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the United Kingdom, and a force to be reckoned with. This post is a tribute to the life lessons from Queen Elizabeth, the ones she lived her life by, and oh, what a life she lived!

One of the things that Queen Elizabeth was known for was her strong and sturdy health. Even when she was in her 80s and 90s, she could give younger people a run for their money when health was concerned. She lived through so many significant world events such as the Apollo 11 moon landing, the end of the Vietnam War, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the 9/11 attacks, and the COVID pandemic.

She lived till 96 not just due to good luck, she lived her life according to certain beliefs and practices, that did not just keep her healthy physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Let’s find out the life lessons for good health she used to swear by.

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8 Life Lessons From Queen Elizabeth For Living A Good Life

1. There’s no end to learning, and always keep your brain stimulated.

From the time she was crowned the Queen, she was always busy with her responsibilities, and in her 70-year reign, she never took her role for granted. She never missed out on her public engagements and was always ready to do her job with the utmost love, care, and maturity.

Every day, she received boxes full of paperwork that consisted of intelligence documents, parliamentary reports, and other important papers. She used to spend 3 hours every day for 70 years going through it all, trying to learn new things and imbibe new experiences. Keeping her brain stimulated and active is one of the most important rules for living and rules for healthy aging.

She understood the value of learning, and never stopped doing it, and this remained one of her golden rules for living

2. Following a set routine is not really a negative thing.

When you are the Queen of Britain, you can’t just make impulsive choices. For the Queen, one of the golden rules of living was to adhere to a fixed routine every day, so that she can make the most of her days and stay healthy and sorted at the same time. If she had to decide a new routine for herself every day, the monarch might have been in disarray!

As per Northwestern Medicine, not following a routine and not having regular habits can lead to increased stress, poor time management skills, bad eating habits, and poor sleep. Queen Elizabeth used to get up at 7:30 am, have breakfast, work for the majority of the morning, have public dinners at times, and be back in bed by 11.30 with a book.

She followed this routine for her entire life and this is one of the major reasons behind her impeccable discipline.

Life lessons from Queen Elizabeth

3. It’s okay if you are not liked by everyone.

This is one of the most important life lessons from Queen Elizabeth II, especially now, when all of us are running behind validation, be it on social media or in real life. The Queen has always had to make tough decisions about her country, even at the cost of angering her close ones. But she knew that that’s what she had to do and she didn’t always care what others thought of her.

Wanting to make others happy and please them is a natural human trait, but when you care too much about what other people think of you, you give away your power. Just like the Queen, don’t worry too much about being liked because sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

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4. Try to understand what your purpose in life is.

This is probably one of the most significant life lessons from Queen Elizabeth.

Everyone is on this Earth for a reason, and everyone has their own purpose in life. A strong sense of purpose and the importance of good work was imbibed in the Queen since she was a little girl and her father was the reigning monarch. She always looked up to her father and wanted to be as able, strong, diligent, and dutiful as him.

And the Queen till her last day was known for her strong identity and duty, and not just that, she was also known for her compassion and kindness as was evident by the fact that she supported several charitable organizations. The kinder you are, the happier you will be in life, and also healthier. Research has shown that being kind and charitable is good for your health.

5. Indulge in your favorite treats, but always in moderation.

The Queen used to travel the world and attend countless public dinners and social events because her role demanded it. Even though she indulged herself in delicious food and drinks, it was always in moderation. She was never a fussy eater, so she always loved having simple food without too many frills.

She loved having scones, shortbreads, and chocolate cake sometimes along with some wine and gin cocktails, but as always, in moderation. She was an expert in self-control, and she never gave herself to any vices. In order to live a happy and healthy life, it’s important to take care of your body by consuming nutrient-dense foods, and limiting sugary and processed foods, especially as you get older.

No surprise here that this served as one of the most important rules for healthy aging for her.

6. Life is going to be full of drama, but never let it bog you down.

This is another one of the important life lessons from Queen Elizabeth that we should definitely try to imbibe. She has gone through a lot in her life and has seen several scandals throughout her long reign. However, she has never let her emotions show on her face, and from the outside, she has always stood solid and sorted.

Many people have accused her of being uncaring, impassive, and cold-hearted, but she never let this get to her. She felt a lot of emotions inside, but she never let them drag her down. Her composure was the result of years of mental training, and throughout the years, she learned the right ways to cope with negativity.

Her resilience and her ability to handle even the toughest situations prevented her from getting overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. Motivation, discipline, optimism, and self-esteem can make you stronger and more resilient in life.

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7. Be physically active, but do the exercises that make you happy.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s rules for living was to be physically active every day. She never followed a strict or rigorous regime, but she made sure that some kind of physical activity was always included in her daily routine. She used to go on regular walks on the palace grounds, or she used to go horseback riding, and everyone knows how much she loved the latter.

The Queen always stuck to doing the things she loved, instead of engaging in activities just for the sake of being healthy. Being active every day, even if it’s for 30-45 minutes is good for you, both physically and mentally. Exercising for 75 minutes to 150 minutes every week can do wonders for you.

8. Don’t be scared of getting older or aging, rather embrace it with open arms.

This is one of the most important life lessons from Queen Elizabeth. Most people are so scared of getting older and try so hard to not look their age. But you can never prevent aging, and honestly, why should you? It’s a normal part of life and that’s how life works.

Queen Elizabeth never tried to hide her age, nor did she resort to other methods to retain her youth. She embraced each and every part of her aging and proudly owned her age.

She was not particularly a vain person, so she never really cared that much about the growing wrinkles on her face and the graying hairs on her head. Her experience, diligence, hard work, and wisdom trumped physical beauty every time. So don’t be scared of aging, rather accept it and happily embrace it.

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She was an icon for a reason, rather reasons, and her name will be remembered for generations to come. All these life lessons Queen Elizabeth follows or rather followed made her who she was. Which one of these life lessons from Queen Elizabeth was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Long Live The Queen!

Life Lessons from Queen Elizabeth
Life lessons from queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth pin
Queen Elizabeth’s Lesson

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