Embrace And Adapt: 5 Crucial Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Choluteca Bridge

Life Lessons From Choluteca Bridge

Be adaptable, survive & thrive

Today, the world is constantly changing. Despite how much we believe that we are still in control, the truth is, we don’t know how the situation might change tomorrow. The Choluteca Bridge is an excellent metaphor for the uncertainty in our own lives – our relationships, careers, goals and even health. With the world transforming drastically everyday, we need to open our minds even more and adapt to change constantly. We cannot keep holding on to old habits, behaviors and patterns else we might risk becoming obsolete… just like the bridge itself. “Adaptability is the key to survival and resilience,” writes Mukundarajan V N. 

Embrace And Adapt: 5 Crucial Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Choluteca Bridge

Now is the time for us to make decisions based on what new challenges the future might bring, instead of old habits and behaviors. What we believed to be our strength might soon become useless in a new world. Your education, skill, career, business, product or service can prove to be worthless sooner than you think. And this will leave you feeling lost in a world that praises and lifts those who adapt and change along with the changing times.

What is needed now is the urgency and the will to develop new skills, gain new knowledge, design new products and services based on the ever changing environment. But that’s not all. We constantly need to evaluate our relevance and keep building and upgrading ourselves, your strengths and our abilities. This will help us ensure that we survive and thrive irrespective of how much the market and the world changes.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being relevant.

It’s no more about how long you can last. It’s about how well you can adapt.

Unless you work on yourself, your career or your business, learn to adapt fast and find a way to stay relevant constantly, you will soon find yourself on “The Bridge to Nowhere”.

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