How To Let Go When Your Partner Refuses To Change

How To Let Go When Your Partner Refuses To Change

Self-love is about putting yourself first, forgiving your mistakes, and accepting yourself regardless of perceived imperfections. It is also about embracing joy, realizing your ability to grow, and taking care of and protecting yourself. It can influence your choices in love, work, and friendships. It can impact your ability to cope with distress.

Engaging in loving and kind self-care behaviors is an ongoing practice, and it will help you live with integrity and intention.

4. Finding a Sense of Purpose

Without a sense of purpose, you will continue to mentally suffer. Without purpose, you will meander pointlessly through life without intention. For example, your tendency to continuously try to fix your relationship can be an attempt to alleviate your pain around it. But, it may have unintentionally become your purpose, and it is an unhealthy one that will never leave you in peace.

Alternatively, having a healthy and invigorating sense of purpose, engaging in work, and activities that bring joy and satisfaction, will help you thrive in life and your relationships.

By focusing attention outward, your mental energy is channeled into something useful and purposeful. It is not concentrated inward on yourself, your negative mood, obsessive thoughts, and so on. It is valuable to think about being part of something bigger than yourself, especially when it involves helping mankind.

Doing so will improve your sense of achievement, self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.

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5. Finding Meaning in Your Struggles

If your search for a meaningful romantic connection has been rife with struggle, you can benefit from finding the meaning and lessons that lie within those struggles. View pain as a hidden invitation to growth. You are stronger than you think you are to have come this far already.

Now start exploring the significance of the hurt and pain and perhaps even the positives that have come out of your experiences. You do not have to be thankful for the experience itself, but maybe you might be grateful for the meaning found and lessons learned from it.

You may not have realized that there is a lot you can do when you give up trying to change your partner. Gaining self-awareness about your own behavior, learning to love yourself, focusing on your strengths, and developing a sense of purpose are all worthwhile strategies in these circumstances. Shifting your focus may open up a world of possibility and growth you didn’t realize was possible.

Written by Dr. Marni Feuerman
Originally Appeared In The Talking Solution

When your partner refuses to change their behaviors that hurt you, then after a point you have to let it go. Even if you decide to continue with the relationship, it is important for your mental health and happiness, that you try to let go of their negative traits. Sure, it will be difficult initially, but worth it in the long run.

If you want to know more about letting go when your partner refuses to change, then check this video out below:

Let Go When Partner Refuses Change pin
How To Let Go When Your Partner Refuses To Change pin
How To Let Go When Your Partner Refuses To Change
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