10 Lessons You Learn From an Almost Relationship

Lessons Learn form an almost Relationship

Sometimes all you need is a partner with whom you can have fun, and hook up without any obligation or commitment that comes with an official relationship. A casual relationship is a great way to find the pleasures of life and it also helps you to explore yourself with a new person. But what happens when you start to develop feelings for them? Is it an ‘almost relationship’?

An almost relationship is one in which you’re dealing with someone you have feelings for but never dated and can be an extremely confusing yet emotional period, especially when it has a long-term impact on your outlook on love; you can’t just snap out of it. Have you had a similar experience? Well, me too.

However, all is not lost. If you’ve been affected by it you’re most likely to learn some valuable lessons from an almost relationship too.

10 Lessons You’ve Learned From an Almost Relationship

1. Just because someone kept pursuing you doesn’t mean they were looking for something serious. 

It’s a simple theory, but accurate most of the time. If a guy wants to be with you, he won’t beat around the bush. He’ll be straightforward and tell you that he is ready to commit. And if he hasn’t brought it up yet, he’s most likely just keeping his options open until someone “better” comes along.

And if you still think that just because they are still pursuing you, they want to date you, then you are wrong. Some people are indecisive and act without much thought. There is no deeper meaning to their actions other than the fact that they are intrigued or somewhat taking an interest in you.

2. If someone likes you enough, they will either say it or show it.

Words mean nothing, but actions speak volumes. If all you got from him was talk and no action regarding what you mean to him he’s shown you precisely who he is, no matter what he told you.

You would not be left in suspense or wondering what would happen next. Both men and women understand how to win over someone they genuinely want to be with. So, if they like you, you’d have noticed it by now. You would no longer have to be puzzled and second-guess yourself.

3. Timing is important but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Sometimes two people have compatibility and chemistry, and you both want it to work, but no matter what you do or how hard you try, the outcome will not be what you expected.

Timing is important for how a relationship grows, but it is not a reason to end it if everything is going well and you are both interested in each other. If you both truly want to make it happen, there is always a way to make it work. Otherwise, timing is just another reason for them to avoid getting into a serious relationship with you. 

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4. Being honest early on could save you from getting hurt.

Even though they probably made you feel like you wanted more out of the situation and they were always open about their feelings and relationship goals, asking questions is one of the best things you can do to avoid getting hurt. If they can’t handle a simple conversation and communicate with you directly, it speaks volumes about their emotional stability and lack of maturity.

You could be living in your own fantasy if you don’t ask important questions like what the other person is truly looking for and whether they are interested in other people, apart from you.

You may be looking for a relationship, while the other person simply wants to ‘have fun.’ It’s always a good idea to know where you stand in this relationship.

10 Lessons You Learn From an Almost Relationship
Lessons From An Almost Relationship

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