I Am Not an ‘Almost Relationship’ Kind of Girl

I Am Not an ‘Almost Relationship’ Kind of Girl

I’m not the kind of girl who keeps you guessing if I am in a relationship with you.

I never think that I am in the ‘almost relationship’ state. You’ll never find me speaking all the sugar-coated words and in the next moment act as if I don’t care a bit. I will never act weird suddenly and say everything is too complicated and difficult when things seem to be just fine. I’m not the sort of person who would not put all that it takes to make the relationship work and never give it my half-hearted efforts and leave. No, I’m not that girl.

I am the kind of girl you will have a heart-to-heart-connect, the kind of girl you have to put solid efforts and fight for to have her by your side.

You cannot have me with a superficial involvement of your mind and heart.

Yes, I want all of you, the complete you because I am never ‘almost’ there in a relationship. I am always fully and completely there and ‘almost’ never satisfies me.

For me, “good morning” texts are not dead. I believe in endearments and romantic things. They have to be there. For my commitment is the word and don’t give me the shit that ‘forever’ relationships are a thing of the past. It may be for those who are never into a relationship fully and have no idea what commitment or love feels or looks like.

But, still, I can’t stop myself from giving everything to have that ‘almost’ kind of relationship. I give too much to receive almost what I wish to have.


I can never be ‘just there’ in a relationship even when a guy is not willing to love or say things he should or feel too intensely or let me know what I mean to him.

Being with me means being committed. You cannot just treat me like a fleeting emotion.

You cannot look at me with one eye and leave the second roaming around in search of options. Be with me if you don’t want a casual relationship. Being easy or casual is not satisfying and leaves you wanting for more.

I am ready to be on the roller-coaster journey of love. Be with me every day, show your feelings and spoil me with your love. Prove your love with your actions. No, I don’t want you to tell me you love me and then put an end to everything.

If you are the kind of person who thinks feeling things deep down is all that is needed, you are wrong. When you can’t speak out what you feel, when you’re your actions don’t show commitment or consistency, you are not there. Do you say you are? Then, you are almost there, but still not ready to take off. And that will not do for me.


No, I cannot be half-committed and I cannot tolerate your half-commitment either. I want what I deserve.

I won’t accept if you want to tell me you are in a very bad phase of your life. I won’t accept or let things just be thinking you are difficult to keep up with or you are nothing but plain honest. I won’t stick around thinking you love too much.

If you don’t feel strongly enough to make efforts to be completely committed to me- it’s better that you leave. Don’t send messages or say romantic words because you can’t have any of me.

Because when you are with me, your life will change and you will be a better person. I will never leave your side and fight for you in every situation. I will love you fully, even those things about you that you don’t love yourself. Dating me will not end your freedom, in fact, you will free as you have never before.

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