Why I Am Not Your ‘Almost Relationship’ Kind of Girl

Almost Relationship Kind of girl

Dating is truly complicated these days, especially when no one wants to talk about their feelings. Everyone is just swiping through dating apps or ghosting someone after texting them. Things get a lot worse when you end up in an ‘almost relationship’.

Wondering what is an almost relationship? An almost relationship is not a regular relationship, but an in-between phase that leaves you with feelings of constant doubt and uncertainty. It’s a situation when you feel like there’s compatibility and chemistry between you and them, they tell you their deepest secret and later show no effort or interest in you.

I once met a great guy, spent time with him, but went through the entire process of wondering if he was going to turn into the real deal, or if I’ll forever be confined to the ‘almost relationship zone’. I know it sucks having to feel like you’ll never be with him, but I know that I have great friends who support me and I’m more than just someone’s girlfriend, especially when he doesn’t know how to appreciate me. So, here I am giving you reasons why I am not your ‘almost relationship’ kind of girl.

I Am Not Your Almost Relationship Kind of Girl
Why I Am Not Your ‘Almost Relationship’ Kind of Girl

I Am Not Your ‘Almost Relationship’ Kind of Girl

1. I’m not the kind of girl who keeps you guessing if I am in a relationship with you.

I never think that I am in the state of being in an ‘almost relationship’ because I speak my mind. I will never act strangely or say that everything is too complicated when everything appears to be fine.

You’ll never find me sugarcoating words or acting as if I don’t care. I’m not the type of person who would not do everything possible to make a relationship work and would never give it half-hearted efforts and then leave. No, I’m not that person. I’m the kind of girl you’ll connect with, the kind of girl you’ll have to work hard for and fight for to have by your side. If I feel that my efforts are not being reciprocated, then I’m out.

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2. You cannot have me with a superficial involvement of your mind and heart.

Yes, I want all of you to me. The feeling of having an entire person just for you is special. And I am always there for those I care about, so being completely there is what I want and the ‘almost’ in a relationship never satisfies me.

For me, “good morning” texts are not dead. I believe in endearments and romantic gestures. For me, commitment is the key to a relationship and if you cannot give me that ‘forever feeling’ then it’s best we part our ways and save ourselves the time and effort.

The almost relationship maybe for those who cannot commit to a relationship fully and have no idea what commitment or love feels or looks like. But, I’m not one of those people. I am not afraid to love. It doesn’t make me feel vulnerable rather I feel strong when I express my love. So as much as I give in a relationship, I intend to receive the same from you.

3. I can never be ‘just there’ in a relationship, I need a guy who feels intensely or tells me what I mean to him.

I don’t want to be treated like a fleeting emotion. I am an entity full of warmth and passion. You can’t tell me that I’m important and the next second your eyes wander around looking for other options. If you want to be with me, you have to be fully present because being with me means being committed. I cannot have a casual relationship. Casual is an easy way out and not satisfying, it only leaves you wanting for more.

I am ready to be on the roller-coaster journey of love. So if you are with me, I’ll appreciate your feelings and spoil you with my love. But you also have to prove your love through your actions.

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