Slowly I’m Learning To Not React, To Ignore Things That Bother Me, To Let Things Be..

When you start learning to let things be and not to react.
“Always laugh when mediocre minds make fun of you, for in your grieve, the ridicule is having an effect” ― Michael Bassey Johnson.

We are all learning and it took years of struggle to finally come to the point where I am slowly learning ways to deal with this world without reacting and preventing myself from getting hurt.

I am slowly learning that hurting the ones who hurt me is not a sign of bravery; rather it’s stupidity.

What makes me mature is not hurting back but ignoring it and move on. It’s a chain reaction and the moment I reciprocate these negative emotions, it creates ripples of more such negativity.

It is not a solution to all the problems in this world. I can win over everyone. The more I accumulate these negative energies, the more I am hurting myself in return and creating a void in myself.

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No matter how painful it is, I am slowly learning how to adjust myself to hurtful behaviour of others.

I am understanding that if I stop reacting to everything, that doesn’t mean I am accepting the wrong, it means I am ignoring it.

I am tired of drama. I do not wish to interact with fake people. If people feel that I am not good enough, I am okay with that because I do not have that zeal to react. My silence says everything.

I am maturing enough to learn that if I react to things that make me depressed, that helps the other person control my emotions.

We cannot control others behaviour but we can control ourselves. If we ignore and remain indifferent, then whatever the other person is doing will have zero effect on us. I am not hurt by these actions.

Rather, I learn from them. These disappointments help me learn to be independent, to love myself, to stay strong. People will go at lengths to shatter our confidence but if I stop reacting, I shall emerge out as the strongest one.

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I have slowly learnt that my reactions cannot change people and make them love me.

It is better to let go of some things. We need to stop chasing the ones who are leaving. It’s useless to waste time behind things that are not in our hands.

It’s important that we stop bothering about things happening around us because we don’t have any control over them. What we can control is ourselves. Only we can give ourselves the mental peace we deserve.

Slowly I'm Learning To Not React, To Ignore Things That Bother Me, To Let Things Be..
Learning To Not React

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