I’m Slowly Learning To Just Let Things Be For Myself

I’m Slowly Learning To Just Let Things Be For Myself

I’m learning not to force things to happen.

I’ve accepted the fact that there are a lot of things that are out of my control in life. I have placed them in the hand of God and I’ve allowed the universe to bring me what’s mine in due time. I’ve decided to let go of chasing the things in life that aren’t meant for me. I’m tired of chasing things that won’t be still and can’t be held close as my own. I believe that what’s meant for me will find me in due course of time. This does not mean I’m going to be submissive to the ways of the world, but to rather not fight a losing battle. 

learning to let it be

 I’m learning to let love find me. 

I will no longer let my love be enshrouded by clouds of doubt. I am done with the endless cycle of trying to decipher mixed signals and signs. Instead, I’m allowing the message that is as clear as day to find its way to me. The message that will not let me be second guessing anything at all. 

I’m understanding the difference between those who want me in their life and those who don’t. I am allowing those that don’t want to be in my life to walk out the door with no hesitation. I’m becoming more aware of what it is that I expect from a relationship and what I need to sacrifice in order to maintain one. I do not want to share my heart with someone that doesn’t hold it to protect it. 

I’m learning to be more grateful for life 

I’m learning that life must not be taken for granted and that I am here for a reason. No matter what my purpose in life may be, I’m learning to go and grow on this journey with a grateful heart and enthusiastic spirit. I realize how precious yet how vulnerable life is and I understand that I am capable of sharing my warmth with others and that what goes around comes around. Everyday I am learning to  appreciate the day and understand how valuable it is. 

learning to let it be


I’m learning to be patient with myself. 

I have understood the fact that there is no need to rush through life. I remind myself  to take it one day at a time. Neither will I beat myself up for the mistakes that I have made in the past nor will I let these mistakes define me. I am defined by the lessons that I learn from these mistakes and I am patient with my growth. Time will tell and I will listen. 

The wisdom that I acquire from the lessons that I have learned make me more capable to face the obstacles that may come my way. The mistakes have made me realize that I have tried to force my way into things that weren’t meant for me. 

I’m learning to stop trying so hard to control my life 

I am striving to be at peace with where life takes me on this journey and learning to accept that I do not have all the answers to the questions that race through my mind and that it’s okay. I’m learning to eventually go along with what the universe has in store for me instead of trying to have my way in everything. I am eventually understanding life has its ways of giving me what I need and not necessarily what I want. I’m learning to be grateful for all the memories, bonds, laughter,peace and pain that life has blessed me with in order to grow and look forward to more to come. 

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” — Oprah Winfrey

As I slowly learn to just let things be and allow myself the freedom to not be so worried over the course of my life, I’m taking things one day at a time and taking it easy on myself. 

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    1. Avatar of Will Christie

      Everyone’s brain is slower than someone else. Sometimes I have to read something over and over and over to get it. My brother was very smart and learned things very fast in school. Meanwhile, I had to study hard. That is just the way it is. So do your best and love yourself as you are.

  1. Avatar of Ken Mohler

    Your Life is what you make it not what others make it into …Choice is the engine to action …let things be , horseshit …if you don`t like the way your life is , you made it …Change it …

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