Lack of Communication in a Relationship Sometimes Lead to Divorce according to Studies

Lack of Communication in a Relationship Sometimes Lead to Divorce according to Studies

4. Being Unable to Talk about Money

Research regarding common reasons for marital conflict found that out of 748 instances of conflict between 100 couples, money was the most intense and recurring topic couples fought about.

Money may not be the most pleasant topic to bring up, but couples need to learn to discuss their finances.

Be open and honest about money. How much money are you making? Do you intend to pool your money together or keep separate bank accounts? What kind of debt have you brought into your marriage?

Knowing the answers to these questions will reveal how you will go about paying for household bills and getting out of debt.

Discuss goals together.

Do you want to buy a house, car, go back to school, travel, or start a family together? If so, you need to talk about how you plan to save and budget for these things.

5. Couples Drift Apart

In a study of 886 divorcing couples, 55 percent cited growing apart as a significant factor in their decision to separate. A whopping 53 percent cites the inability to communicate as another common reason for divorce.

This study highlights the importance of being able to speak openly with your spouse, just as you would with a friend.

If you are not growing apart in your relationship, odds are you are drifting apart. The healthiest relationships are the ones where couples strike a delicate balance between being married partners and best friends. Think about it. When you are friends with your spouse you share the same interests,

Think about the best qualities of your best friend. Odds are they are honest, accepting, non-judgmental, respectful, loyal, and fun to be around. They grow together.

Couples should be able to hang out together as friends just as easily as they could share a romantic evening.

How to Boost Relationship Communication

Couples who want to save their marriage from divorce do well to make an effort toward healthier communications.

Taking an online marriage course can help couples learn about the importance of relationship communication. And since we all think and express ourselves differently, the course also teaches different communication techniques you can practice with your spouse.

Weekly or monthly date nights have also proven to boost a couple’s communication skills, boost sexual activity, and prevent marital boredom.

These studies prove that relationship communication is essential to a happy marriage. Without the ability to understand one another, fight fair, grow together, and feel secure in the relationship, many couples will be heading down the road to divorce.

Taking an online marriage course can strengthen a couple’s communication skills and teach them how to empathize with one another.

Boost up your communication because a lack of communication in a relationship can lead to divorce.

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Lack of Communication in a Relationship Sometimes Lead to Divorce according to Studies
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