What Kind Of Wizard Are You? Find Out With This Quiz

What Kind Of Wizard Are You Quiz

This quick 8 question quiz can tell you what kind of wizard you are.

Don’t worry we won’t ask you to divulge any of your arcane secrets!

The test uses your favorite activities, zodiac signs and personal preferences to plot out your inner wizard. The answer you get (I’m an air wizard), will show you how your natural proclivities would influence your magic powers.

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There are a couple of wizards out there, and they don’t all fit so squarely into typecast categories. More often than not the most powerful magic a person can wield is that of love and productivity. Regardless of your strengths and weaknesses, try to resist using your powers for your personal gain. Look to the needs of others as they are an extension of yourself. Only as a community can anything be truly gained.


If you want to know more wizards, then check this video out below:

What Kind Of Wizard Are You Quiz
What Kind Of Wizard Are You Quiz

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7 thoughts on “What Kind Of Wizard Are You? Find Out With This Quiz”

  1. Air
    Congratulations, you are an Air Wizard!!
    Your wizardly powers manifest themselves in qualities such as vigilance, lightness, clarity, independence. You are able to tune in to any situation and understand its different aspects makes you a valuable asset. You are able to separate yourself and remain in your power as you traverse all aspects of life.

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