Why The Introverted Mind Takes Longer To Process Things and How It’s A Good Thing

Introverted Mind Takes Longer To Process Things

In a TIME magazine article, Beth Buelow, author of The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms explains that introverts can achieve a lot more and be more successful “if they hone their natural strengths.” She adds “It’s not about becoming a fake extrovert. It’s really about acknowledging the valuable traits that introverts bring.

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Slow doesn’t mean stupid

Why The Introverted Mind Takes Longer To Process Things and How It’s A Good Thing
Introverted Mind vs Extroverted Mind

Being an introvert isn’t about being a weird hermit or even being shy or fragile any more than being slow is about being unintelligent or developmentally challenged,” writes author Natalie Peatfield. Our tendency to take time to process things and having a slow response time often creates the false illusion that slow means stupid. Although that can be highly frustrating, it is far from the truth. Michaela Chung explains “It never feels good to know that someone is underestimating your intelligence.” She adds “I know I’m not a dummy just because I can’t come up with long-winded answers to random questions off the top of my head.

Introverts are bad at making small talk. And perhaps this is the reason why we often take longer than usual to respond. We just don’t know what to say that will satisfy the listener. However, when it comes to topics we are interested in, an introverted person can talk with passion and at length. Taking your time to respond or understand something is not a reflection of your intelligence and despite how others may feel about it, you don’t need to prove anything. 

Michaela writes “Don’t try to prove yourself. You’re above that. If you constantly feel the need to prove yourself – whether at work, in a relationship, or with friends – it’s a bad sign.” We all shine in our own way and if someone is too blind to see your light, then it’s not your job to open their eyes. “Don’t feel bad about your need to slow down and think before you speak,” or act, she says.

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Embrace your inner introvert

Why The Introverted Mind Takes Longer To Process Things and How It’s A Good Thing
Introverted mind often work slowly

Being an introvert can have several advantages that are often ignored. “Introverts tend to be better problem solvers, perform better academically, exhibit stronger regulation of their behavior, and are less likely to take risks that may cause them harm,” says positive psychology coach Derrick Carpenter. And all of these advantages are likely the result of having thicker gray matter in their prefrontal cortex.

Enjoying solitude, contemplating and reflecting on the purpose and meaning of life is considered crucial for happiness by philosophers like Aristotle and the Buddha. When you accept and embrace your inner introverted self, you can truly enjoy the inherent happiness that comes from being genuine and living life every moment.

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Why The Introverted Mind Takes Longer To Process Things and How It’s A Good Thing
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