Intense Energy of 12/12 Portal – Are Your Ready for Activation?


Intense Energy of 1212 Portal Are Your Ready for Activation

Who is feeling the intense energies of the 12/12 portal? 

12th day of the 12th month in a twelve-year 2+0+1+9 =12
ie 12:12:12 – and the full moon (representing Queen + King arising energy) is at 12:12 USA time…

Do you have the courage to walk through the door of your greater self?

Do you have the strength and grace to surrender all that no longer serves you back to the divine?

Seven-year cycles are invited to be transmuted by the grace of celestial movements.

Take an eternal moment, and tune in…

The Energy of renewal is what comes forth for me.

That during this current wave of energy taking us into a new year, it is an opportunity for spiritual purification.

To take the new version of yourself, who is still standing stronger than ever, after the year of tribulation that has just been.

Move from intellect to feeling, to knowing, to trusting, to surrendering.

Move from the heart, feel the inspiration at your fingertips.

Feel what is taste, smells, feels like to be this new version of self in the eternal moment of now.

Feel the love; allow it to ooze with propensity into your soul, as you taste the nectar of a universe of infinite possibilities.

Then let it go, in the eternal moment.

See it enter the 12:12 void of pregnant emptiness.

Completely from all levels, have no attachment to the true version of self.

And now prosper divine patience, for the magic that is due to unfold…

Hold Gratitude in your heart forevermore.

Drink unceasingly from the nectar of Divine Mother’s love for you, and that her will only wilts for you to blossom in the noonday sun of illumination.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars (Kahlil Gibran).

And absolutely be ready now for the infinite realms of possibilities for the year ahead.

Operating at this renewed awareness your reality will shift organically.

It may seem that you are now operating in a whole new dimension of existence, where your hearts desires and knowing manifest quicker than ever before.

That some of the operating laws, that you held as beliefs are no longer.

That your world is now very much being imprinted and influenced by the boundless love and joy that reverberates from within.

May your ride, surrender into the powerful wave of the 12/12 portal…

May it take you, deeper within

and thus closer and closer to living and being the zenith of potential that you truly are…

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Intense Energy of 1212 Portal Are Your Ready for Activation pin
Intense Energy of 12/12 Portal Are Your Ready for It?

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