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Your Horoscope for the Full Moon in Gemini – 12 December 2019

General Predictions for the Full Moon Gemini:

On December the 12th, at 05:12 UT, the Moon, from Gemini, opposes the Sun, in Sagittarius, forming the Full Moon. This is the last Full Moon of the year and the beginning of the Ecliptic Period. The coming New Moon, on the 26th of December, is going to be an Annual Solar Eclipse. Also, read this article about 12.12.

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Mercury has just entered Sagittarius and Venus is entering Aquarius on the 20th of December. Also, on the 22nd of December, at 04:19 UT, the Sun enters Capricorn, signifying the Winter Solstice, or Yule (or the Sumer Solstice, or Litha, for the Southern Hemisphere).

Also, on the 13th of December, at 03:47 UT, Chiron turns back into direct motion, leaving only Uranus in retrograde motion.


The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon:

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Mercury, from Sagittarius, squares Neptune, in Pisces. This aspect will be active from the 14th of the month, until the 27th of the month. The accurate square takes place on the 20th of the month. During this period our emotions can cloud our rational thinking, so we need to be more on the alert and to not react impulsively.

Also, Venus, firstly still from Capricorn, and then, more clearly, from Aquarius, squares the Retrograde Uranus, in Taurus. The accurate square takes place on the 22nd of December, but the square will be active from the 15th until the 30th of the month. Our emotional life, our relationships, and our health need some more attention. Especially so since we are in an Ecliptic period.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon:

In addition, Venus forms some beneficial aspects, too. It’s in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. The accurate conjunction with Saturn took place on the 11th of the month, but the aspect will be active until the 20th of the month when Venus will enter Aquarius. The conjunction with Pluto will be accurate on the 13th of the month and it will be active until the 21st. These aspects are quite beneficial as they counterbalance some of the stress Venus’ square to Uranus creates.

Mars is in a triangle with Neptune. Accurately so on the 13th, but the aspect will be active until the 28th. Although this can add some burden to the impulsiveness, which we should rein, it also helps our self-motivation and our ability to do our best to make happen what we want to achieve.

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Furthermore, Mars is in a hexagon with Saturn, accurately so on the 19th, but the hexagon is already active and it will remain so until the 6th of January. Also, Mars is in a hexagon with Pluto. This one will be accurate on the 22nd of the month, but, this one, too, is already active and will remain so until the 7th of January 2020. These hexagons fuel our determination (and, in some case our stubbornness and inflexibility) and further even more our ability to make things happen. Magically, too.

The Retrograde Uranus receives two beneficial aspects, too. These are a triangle from Jupiter and another one from the Sun. The former will affect the whole waning Moon period and it will be accurate on the 15th of the month, while the latter will start acting on that very day and it will become accurate on the 24th of the month. Both these triangles will give some luck to whatever has to do with the internet, online businesses, and technology, in general, as well as whatever changes we want to achieve. They can also motivate us to act upon those changes – maybe, even hastily, or excessively. That’s good, but some caution is necessary, too, as we are in an Ecliptic period.

Finally, the most auspicious aspect of acting this period is the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun, happening in Capricorn. The accurate conjunction will take place on the 27th of the month, the day after the New Moon, but it will be active from as early as the 15th of December and it will be getting stronger and stronger as the days pass.

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