Gabriel Melchizedek Sananda

Gabriel Melchizedek Sananda is a Yogi who is devoted to the inner reawakening of self-realisation. Thus his intention is to awaken the Love in all hearts, as he simultaneously remembers the true divine self within, the Christ in all of creation.

Are we alive and dead at the same time?

Are we alive and dead at the same time?

The Science of Resurrection and his ever-living Presence

May thy love shine forever on thy sanctuary of they devotion, and may thee be able to awaken thy love in all true hearts

The Divine Is Not a Circus

In the western world where our 5 senses are often overstimulated by light shows, movies and other phenomena


***Upcoming Mahashivratri - 13/14 February - the most powerful day of the year!*** In Yogic Science the day before the new moon is known as “Shivratri”.   At the time of...