If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go

If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go

Watch out this interesting video on how to move on and let go & leave your past in the past:


Let her be alone, don’t make her feel alone

Be a man, let her go

Nothing can be worse than sharing life with someone who makes you feel alone, hopeless and worthless. Such life is worse than being alone.

You are not only killing your own happiness, but hurting her more with half-hearted love and affection. This makes you a selfish and shitty person.

So, cut the crap and face your guilt for wanting to break up. Though terrible, it’s the right thing to let her go. Accept that there is no easy way out.

Muster up the courage to say good-bye face to face. Don’t be scared to break her heart because you have already found someone new. She doesn’t deserve to be with a shitty person like you.

Once you have made the decision, please stick to it unless you want to love her to the moon and back. Choose the time and place thoughtfully. Start with a positive note, say what worked and what didn’t. Have enough patience, if she freaks out (quite natural though) and showers you with questions. Answer her with complete honesty.

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Let her go and she will feel better eventually.

She deserves to let go because she deserves someone better than you. So that she can be more beautiful than you will ever be. So that she can find the person who loves her unconditionally and certain to marry her and be with her forever.

If You Don't love all of her
If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go
If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go

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