“I Do Not Feel Like I Belong In This World”: 7 Reasons You Feel Out Of Place On Earth


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I Do Not Feel Like I Belong In This World: Reasons Why

“I do not feel like I belong in this world” – Have you ever entered a room and felt like a jigsaw piece that doesn’t quite fit the puzzle? It’s almost like you’re floating – lost in unfamiliar territory. And if you’ve ever thought, “Why do I feel like I don’t fit in?” – then you’ve been there.

There can be various reasons why you may feel like you don’t belong and we are going to discuss seven of them in this article. So, are you ready to explore what does it mean to belong and the reasons why you feel like you don’t belong on this Earth.

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What Does It Mean To Belong?

When you feel like you belong, it is equivalent to finding your own comfortable spot in this huge Universe. It’s akin to feeling at home, loved, valued and accepted in a group, and even within yourself.

It’s not about fitting into a particular mold; it’s about being and embracing your authentic self without having any sort of judgment and fear. To belong means to have people who understand every bit of you, people who want to share your journey, and try to make you feel complete.

It’s this feeling of being seen and connected that ultimately makes life sweeter, reminding you that you’re never really alone in this grand adventure called life.

Now, that we know what does it mean to belong, let’s find out why you feel like you don’t belong in this world.

“I Do Not Feel Like I Belong In This World”- 7 Reasons You Feel Out Of Place All The Time

1. You are very introverted.

If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry. Just keep in mind that introverts are very different from extroverts.

Introverts are more quiet and thoughtful and like to be by themselves. On the other hand, extroverts are more outgoing people who enjoy being around others.

Due to your preference for solitude, you may often feel like you don’t belong. Being alone does not mean not liking others; it just means preferring your own company over going out with many people at once or doing something else instead of spending time with others.

Another reason why you may feel out of place, is because many people judge your introverted nature and constantly push you to be more outgoing and energetic. This can make you feel like you are stuck in the wrong place or that something’s wrong with you.

I do not feel like I belong in this world
“I Do Not Feel Like I Belong In This World”: 7 Reasons You Feel Out Of Place On Earth

2. You don’t fit the typical “standards”.

Beauty standards can be rigidly adhered to by society so that everything else falls within these bounds including personality traits, body shapes or even religious beliefs.

“I do not feel like I belong in this world” – you might feel like this, because you probably don’t fit in with what’s considered as standard or normal because of these rigid standards. This might be about what society defines as normal based on your body size, gender, religion et cetera.

Maybe you feel alone and you feel like you don’t belong because your physical appearance doesn’t align with the typical beauty standards we are surrounded by (such as a broad forehead or short legs).

You might feel like you are an outsider because of your culture, race and native language, which other people regard as “different”, and makes it awkward and hard for you to communicate with them.

You might feel ostracized because our society doesn’t respect your sexual orientation, political opinions, values and gender.

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3. The way you see and perceive the world is very different compared to others.

“Why do I feel like I don’t fit in?”

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the wrong planet, and the world you live in does not make sense?

Sometimes, it can be very tough to understand whether you fit in or not, when you are surrounded by superficial messages, be it through social media, traditional media, your close ones, or even co-workers, who make you feel like your way of thinking is wrong, but theirs is not.

Sometimes a differing world view or personality can make you feel quite alone, even when you are surrounded by interesting people, because it makes you feel misunderstood.

A great way to handle feelings like this is by spending time with people who have the same perspective as you. Check out groups, activities or locations where people with similar perspectives and interests hangout.

4. It feels like you or everyone around you is stuck and stagnant in the same place.

You know that feeling where you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, and no matter how hard you may be trying, you just can’t seem to get out of it?

The frustration of feeling stuck or stagnating can make you feel isolated and lonely. That could be anything from a passionless relationship to a job that just doesn’t offer any degree of fulfilment.

Also if you are someone who likes adventure and excitement, then feeling bogged down or not stimulated is going to make you feel even more frustrated and stuck.

Sometimes though, you just have to break out of that rut and mix things up a bit! Maybe it’s time for a career change, picking up a new hobby, taking a road trip, or even traveling abroad – anything to break up the monotony a bit and get some fresh air into your lungs.

I do not feel like I belong in this world
“I Do Not Feel Like I Belong In This World”: 7 Reasons You Feel Out Of Place On Earth

5. You struggle a lot when it comes to connecting with people.

“I do not feel like I belong in this world!” – If you feel like this, then one of the major reasons can be you struggling to connect with people.

Sometimes, it’s normal to have a hard time connecting with others. But if you feel like you don’t belong because you have a hard time bonding with people and getting along with them, there are a few things that you can do to feel better.

For example, you can make an effort to get to know the people in your life better. You can also take certain steps so that you feel more at ease around others. For example, if you suffer from social anxiety, you can learn some techniques, so that you feel less anxious and claustrophobic in social events.

Once you understand how to get out of your comfort zone, then it’s only a matter of time before you gradually stop feeling lonely and isolated from everyone.

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6. You don’t feel comfortable in your own body.

“I do not feel like I belong in this world”, “why do I feel like I don’t fit in?”, “what does it mean to belong?”.

If you have ever asked yourself even one of these questions, then think about how you feel in your body? Do you love your body? Do you admire it? Or do you feel like you are stuck in the wrong body? You feel comfortable looking at it?

In case you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your body, you might also have a feeling of not belonging since you are not comfortable with yourself.

You might feel like an imposter because you cannot fit into society’s “normal” standards. And because of this, you end up feeling alienated, and this quickly becomes a vicious cycle.

Always remember that your body is a temple, and it does so much to protect you and keep you healthy. Love your body as it is, because no matter what happens, it will always try it’s best to protect you.

7. You don’t agree or can’t relate to the modern rules of the society.

“Why do I feel like I don’t fit in?”

The society is always changing, and now amidst modern society and all it’s rules, you feel so very out of place, don’t you? You feel like none of what is “cool” makes senses to you. It can be different political views, personal values and your perspective about life.

For example, if you have new age beliefs then you might consider yourself different even though others around you find it difficult to accept those ideas.

So if ever there is a time when you feel like you don’t fit into this world because its rules seem unfair, just know that they’re only made by people who have their own hang-ups too. So just be yourself and let them be themselves while at it. You can still be different and happy at the same time.

Although finding people who accept your thinking may seem impossible at times, know that you don’t need someone else to validate you. You are enough, and you feel and how you see the world can be cool; just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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So, have you ever heard yourself say “I do not feel like I belong in this world!”? Which of these reasons could you relate to the most? If you are feel like you don’t belong, more often than not, then do let us know your experiences in the comments down below!

what does it mean to belong
“I Do Not Feel Like I Belong In This World”: 7 Reasons You Feel Out Of Place On Earth

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  1. Jackie Frost Avatar
    Jackie Frost

    Feeling like a stranger on earth. Nothing is mentioned about being older and perhaps disabled and just can’t get around like you use to. Maybe,,,because many of the family and spouse is dead and gone,,,and you live alone now.
    Like you, I have dogs too- great company,,,but they can get costly and need more attention then a old soul can give sometimes.
    Wanting and needing some help or assistance and there’s nobody . Everybody wants love,,attention and belonging,,,maybe those days are gone.
    Maybe,,it’s ok to be alone and independent and still live each day as best you can. Not easy,,,some days don’t wanna get dress or bother making a nice warm supper. Some people like me doesn’t fit in belonging in your story.

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