How Your Spiritual Energy Is Affected By One-Night Stands

 May 19, 2018

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How Your Spiritual Energy Is Affected By One-Night Stands

If one is to be perfectly honest, there is no law of Nature that can bind you to be loyal. There is no reward, no impulse or law that makes one truly wish to be faithful. The power or impulse of sexual energy outweighs the stronghold of principles or age-old ‘to-do’s. In a state of frenzy, our primal self-abandons the societally acceptable façade and acts according to the brute that he is. Yes, your partner could be absolutely gorgeous. Yes, your husband could be a great athlete, or father, or lover. But so are a million other people. Our genius is not restricted to us. Our talents and manners find replications in thousands of people all across the globe. There is truly nobody who does not have a better version of themselves in another person. It is an endless loop. It is foolish and naïve to say that somebody’s personality can influence their partner to be loyal to them in a relationship.

The tantric philosophy does not promote the union of bodies and minds as a way to ward off the social evil of promiscuous partners. Moral judgment is not a part of this philosophy. Tantra believes that aligning the heart chakra, mind chakra, and spiritual energy of the partners can help them achieve a higher sense of well-being, peace, and happiness in their togetherness. It is not necessarily an exercise that seeks to prevent disloyalty, but instead, provides an avenue to calmness much higher than intercourse can offer. It brings one closer to what is real, and unlike orgasmic responses, this lasts more than 11 seconds.

In the domain of Tantra, there are certain philosophies, such as So’ham (I am He), and Sa’ham (I am She). The term ‘He’ is a direct referent to Shiva, the god of moksha. ‘She’ refers to Shakti or the divine entity in control of spiritual energy. When these unite in the cosmic intertwining of the lovers, everything else falls into blatant insignificance. Nothing else matters.

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How Your Spiritual Energy Is Affected By One-Night Stands


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