How Your Spiritual Energy Is Affected By One-Night Stands

We, humans, consist of energy. Do you know that your spiritual energy is getting affected by One-Night Stands?

It is the movement between the negative and positive poles that creates electricity. It is the attraction between the male and the female that creates new life. The dynamics of the universe are dialectical, apparently in a conflict, but occurring within a larger context of unity and wholeness. This is the understanding of the Tantra vision.”  ~Margot Anand

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As science has quite define-ably explained- the union of the masculine and feminine reproductive units is what gives rise to a separate entity. While these opposites are conflicting, jarring, and mostly at loggerheads with their opponent, they also coalesce to achieve a distinct harmony. Male and female spirits complement and complete each other. The Chinese Yin and Yang theory is the testament to the need of the “other” to complete the jigsaw puzzle we call ‘life’.

It is important to find and establish meaningful relationships- ones that actively cater to your healthy worldview. This laboring after harmony and the perfect seamless cooperation of the co-existing forces is what the Tantric philosophy encompasses.

In the 21st century, our lifestyle is more unstable than ever before. Having shunned slower mediums of relaxation, or healthy activities, we are being propelled light years ahead into a depressive state of being. The divorce rates are higher than ever before- primarily because more human beings are beginning to grasp the concept of incompatibility, but also because our ability to adjust and maintain emotional balance has taken a toss. We are constantly hunting for something bigger, something better, something brand new. Infidelity is one of the biggest concerns of our time.

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