Intuition And Spirituality: How Your Intuitive Abilities Can Help You Find Your Spiritual Side


How Your Intuitive Abilities Can Help You Find Your Spiritual Side

When we look at timelines, most of us are still operating from the notion that this life is a segment and separate from all exterior life cycles (including the afterlife). Learning about intuition and spirituality can open our eyes.

But for that to happen, first, we need to understand the ever illusive intuition meaning.

Intuition And Spirituality

Although we can rationalize and logically understand reincarnation and that death is a transition, we automatically do not include these theories or notions in our everyday lives. Our focus remains on this timeline.

Granted not everyone is completely ready for the ups and downs of truly awakening, instead, they are seeking peace in their already-formed lives, however, there is a shift that is happening in the New Age community and I have felt it for quite some time.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.” ― Albert Einstein

There is a new vibration starting out of the New Age community, which I am pegging the “In-To-You Path”. It’s for those who are stepping out of honoring the knowledge of the mind and instead embracing the implementation of mysticism based on pure faith in the power of the Universe.

This also means a radical change in how we operate our human bodies from moving out of rationale/logic and into the unknown feeling space of uncertainty.

Take a close look at the New Age community where most, if not all of the teachings are servicing the power of the mind, and how to work with the mind.

This is done by controlling your thoughts by moving to the next best feeling and basically forgetting the emotional side of healing. There are many techniques that forget the emotions while others take you into the emotion but very little work is done to truly FEEL your way through it.

Instead, we excuse psychic abilities and that intuition is only for psychics and those born with a gift. I don’t believe that at all, I believe we all have these gifts but the conditioning of darkness is thick and covering your pure light.

Those like myself who are more into the new age mysticism are called “woo woo”, or crazy, and we are left to work in a marginal segregated piece of the New Age movement where I found myself defending the premonitions and visions I experienced.

Granted in the New Age movement everything goes, but there is a very important piece missing. That’s the incorporation of surrendering the spiritual knowledge learned by the mind, and the ability to forego your thoughts completely.

This is why New Age techniques help by opening the door into the blank canvas of the unknown, but this is only the first step into the powers of your natural intuitive abilities.

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When you completely get out of the mind, you then allow your emotions and intuitive abilities to rise up from your gut intuition (kundalini).

This is where you will be given images, a deep inner knowing, sounds/smells, and even internal dialogue, but lastly, you will be given thoughts and ideas. This is the OPPOSITE way in which the mind works.

The mind will always give you a thought, and a vision first which will then immediately conjure up emotion. I have recognized this to be the “outside-in” way of conditioning our world has adopted as healthy and normal. I don’t see it that way. I believe when we think first and then attach an emotion to that thought, it is EGO every time.

This is the chemical response of the physical body believing what you are thinking is real. If you want to truly tap into your psychic powers and natural intuitive abilities then your thoughts and the emotions that attach to these thoughts are to be recognized for what they truly are; a physically operated response.

“Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.” ― Madeleine L’Engle

When you are fully tapped into your intuition or intuitive abilities, you will begin to recognize that the last thing you will experience is a thought.

Before a thought appears, you will first FEEL so many different frequencies, you will be given many visions and flashes of imagery, which can be confusing to the mind, but this will happen all before you receive a thought formation.

A thought will be the last thing to emerge as you work through FEELING the connective flow of the kundalini energy rising up through your chakras.

This rising energy will then access the brain for spiritual knowledge and apply it to the energy you are feeling and observing. You will then gain deeper insight and profound wisdom of knowing and understanding explicitly how energy moves, works, and it engages in all forms of manifestation including our physical world.

There isn’t much in the current New Age Movement that honors working from empathically feeling out vibrations and frequencies, instead, it’s focused on getting out of the mind and changing your thoughts to create a different emotion. You are exhausted because you are stagnant and unsure of how to move forward.

I completely understand that. I was stuck in the same cycle of the New Age movement until I was forced by my Higher Self to dig into my intuitive abilities and to trust that deep pull that asked me to leave my stable career and to serve.

I followed where I was being guided, and logically it looked crazy to the outside world, but that leap of faith has opened up an entirely new way of living for me!

My advice is to use mind-clearing techniques like meditation, EFT, reiki, etc. to get out of the mind. Once you are able to hold a blank space in your mind, even for just a few seconds, then it’s time to get into your pelvic gut region and start learning how to work from the bottom up.

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For highly sensitive souls who are stagnant in your conscious expansion, it is because the system (even the New Age Movement) does not have structures in place that fully honor this way of operation, however, you do have more of an advantage than most! This is when your high sensitivity switches from being a curse to becoming a gift.

In our 3D world, being highly sensitive to energies is passively considered a curse. It’s suffocating and depressing.

Do you notice how everyone is struggling with mental illnesses? It’s because individually we are not realizing that operating from the mind instead of from the deep gut instincts is not how our bodies are meant to function.

When you are ready to dive deeper into your intuitive side, your sensitivity becomes your greatest gift. This is because you FEEL first and then rationalize it. You sort through different feelings about a situation.

You FEEL through situations FIRST before laying out the plan. Believe it or not, this is a PROFOUND gift! It’s a gift that is desperately needed on our planet.

Our world, especially our current colonialism system operates in a completely opposite fashion that is highly unnatural and can be highly detrimental over time.

The New Age movement’s main teachings are how to quiet the mind through all various types of teachings, and yes they are important and needed for a certain type of energy frequency, however, as we expand many of these teachings will no longer work.

I’ve been seeing this shift happen in spirituality for a good 10 years as I have been on my path for 20 years, and many people who have been on a healing journey are completely stagnant in their growth.

They continue taking courses to learn new tapping modalities, or to brush up on their next level of Reiki, etc. and there is nothing wrong with that, not at all, but we are missing the piece of weighing out vibrations and diving deeply into FEELING ENERGY to a point of being able to discern and understand the foundation of our world.

We are such magnificent feeling beings, we all came here to master and experience multiple emotions simultaneously. We were born with the ability to discern the slightest shifts of these energies and the messages they bring forth through visualizations (which we have labeled the imagination).

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” ― Dean Koontz

Everything from our childhood (by excusing the imagination) to our imaginary friends, to the internal dialogue, our systems sweep these experiences under the carpet.

You as a child were in your most awakened state, this is why the healing you are doing will take you back to that innocence, back to the imagination which is in fact your third eye and the window into the unseen world. Yes, your imaginary friend is real, in another dimension.

Yes, what you felt and experienced as a child was real. It’s that magical!
First, it’s regaining the trust of your imagination as you did as a child and honoring the feelings that pull deeply into your gut. When you begin to focus on this, your energy system will immediately start to shift you from the outside into the inside out.

This is where the basis of my work stems, from taking you completely out of the mind and into your natural state of operating which is from your empathic abilities and sensitivities.

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We were all born with these gifts, it’s how babies communicate through telepathy. Ever heard of a mother’s intuition? This happens because the mother and the baby are completely merged in their energies during pregnancy. As a society, we throw caution to the wind and never look back at the mother’s intuition. Instead, we go back to rationalizing it, forgetting about it, and chalking it up to a state of being during pregnancy.

When a baby is born their only way of functioning is through feeling and intuitive abilities. Their souls are complete and whole, it’s when we condition these pure souls into our ways of believing and thinking is when we help in covering up that bright light.

Specialists who research early childhood development have concluded that personality is formed by age 2. The first 2 years of a baby’s life is the integration process into the energies at play on the planet.

A baby isn’t only feeling out their connection to their family and their home environment, they are so pure and already tapped in that they are already connected to the Earth’s energy system, the animals, and the life force that keeps the cycle of life moving.

This is why the energy is so heightened when a baby first enters this world. It’s pure divine love in the whole form that activates a memory of what we truly are!

“Your intuition is the most honest friends that you will ever have.” Doe Zantamata

It is during this integration process that the baby’s higher self and human self are merged and working hard at figuring out their internal energy frequencies to completely understand where their internal systems naturally fit according to their soul’s blueprint in this lifetime.

It’s during this 2-year period that the child on a deep soul level must then choose whether to operate from the inside out or from the outside in. Yes, this choice happens very early on and most don’t remember.

I have the gift of remembering deep cellular memory (including past lives and tapping into other realms) I can’t remember what I did yesterday but my long-term memory is very much intact, so much so that I have confirmed instances with my family where science would say that it’s impossible.

I remember breastfeeding as a child, trying to figure out how to crawl (which I never did, etc). I also have a memory of having deep conversations with the Universe at age 2 who would continue asking me to choose a way of living.

I wanted to stay in this third energy of peace and knowledge and didn’t want to choose, but the Universe kept on me with the feeling of urgency that because I came into duality, I had to make a dualistic choice.

Our children are much wiser than us, they are integrated souls and as time continues and as they age, their separation of consciousness happens.

This allows us to re-emerge as we age and then eventually die and transition into our energy form. This breaking apart is Universal Law and required so that we can be open to new teachings, and evolutionary concepts. We then leave this plane of existence and take our learning back to the collective.

My distinct memories at age 2 were that I chose to operate from the inside out. Most highly sensitive souls make this choice and it’s why we operate out of feelings and intuition more than out of the logical mind.

This is also why we are seeing more highly sensitive children emerge in our system where they are labeled autistic, ADHD, ADD, etc. This is because more souls are choosing to operate from the inside out and why the New Age community is not capable of supporting this new vibration of operating from a space of deep sensitivity.

The path inside out is not easy in this world, as in every avenue we are told to suppress emotions, to observe them, to clear the mind, and to change our thoughts.

These techniques work and once you have mastered to quiet the mind the practices I teach are the next step of fully integrating your spiritual knowledge or spiritual ability into inspired-oriented mysticism through rituals, visualizations, and practicing inner dialogue.

This means you are ready to fully dive into your emotions and why the work I do with Ayahuasca is so important. Ayahuasca gets your mind clean and helps you tap into your intuitive abilities.

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Understanding spirituality is a great beginner tool, reading every recommended book, seeking deeply into the mystic and how to apply it to your life, however, there will come a time when you are to integrate and dive into actioning this concept in your everyday life.

Integration is all about feeling your way through the new vibration but what most of us are doing is rationalizing it and making structured plans around the logic.

To truly and fully integrate is to observe the various emotions, to sit in them, to feel through them, to dig deeper into the uncomfortable, and to trust what visions you are receiving through the feelings.

Your intuitive abilities will guide you to action and you will be given the process and the how. Things will flow seamlessly because you worked through feeling the internal energy FIRST.

Diving into the unknown is scary and integrating energies by getting authentic with the emotions running through your body is where most people fall off the spiritual path.

Instead most people today will continue to keep everything locked away in the brain as knowledge, build from the mind, and respond to the emotions the brain makes.

This is what living in the past feels like, it’s stagnant. The mind only stores emotions and thoughts from the past. When we continue to live solely from the mind we recreate the past. This is why you are stuck.

If you are on a true healing path consider looking deeply into how you are operating, is it from the outside in? Are you thinking first and attaching an emotion? Are you responding this way in your life?

If so, work on creating a blank canvas in your mind. Get honest with your feelings and start to dive deeply into these emotions and your intuitive abilities.

This is the sorting out of your internal energy system and a purge that needs to happen so you can eventually understand what emotions stem from the mind and which ones are from your soul or other people influencing you.

Did you grasp the connection between intuition and spirituality? Start living from the inside out! You’re ready! Blessings always!

How Your Intuitive Abilities Can Help You Find Your Spiritual Side
How Your Intuitive Abilities Can Help You Find Your Spiritual Side

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