Rena Wells

Rena Wells is an Intuitive Metaphysical Consult, and born a highly sensitive energy portal with various, precise intuitive abilities. She has over 28 years experience working with energy, and has a very strong connection to Universal Consciousness. As a natural intuitive, healer, and having the personal experience working with such a wide range of energy, Rena can help you understand why things are happening in your life from a metaphysical, intuitive perspective. Rena is here to show you how you can own your power! Please call for your private consultation to see if she can help you with your energetic health. Rena is available for private consultations, group events, and public speaking.

The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

Ego, Enlightenment And Pain

Why is everyone running from pain? From fear? From being uncomfortable? Have we not been shown time and time again that the process of healing, birthing, and labouring includes pain?

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Having walked through the darkest realms, I have gained attuned abilities to know the slightest energy shift in authenticity.

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships

Divine Unions and Cosmic love and how they differ from earth based relationships. Are you ready for the soul connection yet?

The difference between relationships and union – By Rena Wells

Illusions surround us in every shadowed corner in our physical existence, and old belief systems around intimate relationships have been breaking for some time.