Rena Wells

It has taken many years to navigate my hypersensitivity. I discovered my extrasensory abilities – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance, at a very young age. I soon realized the way in which I experienced the world was completely different than most people.The Universe guided me through a complex healing journey, where I was taught how to hold a strong, expansive power against darker forces. Since then I have healed complex PTSD, rage, chronic depression, anxiety and self harm. It is because of my own journey through the dark, that I am able to guide and catalyze my clients into their own divine connection to their true self – activating their own natural sensitivities and inner healer. This is true empowerment!I don’t play in the mind, I work with the authentic alignment of your soul’s blueprint and get you aligned with your feelings and understanding your natural internal energy system. I will take you deep into your gut instincts, and your emotions where you feel the most uncomfortable however if you are willing to face your darkness I will show you how to find peace between your light and your dark. I don’t want you to be fearful anymore because I know you are such a powerful soul and you are here for a reason!

How Your Intuitive Abilities Can Help You Find Your Spiritual Side

When you completely get out of the mind, you then allow your emotions and intuitive abilities to rise up from your gut intuition

Ego, Enlightenment And Pain

Why is everyone running from pain? From fear? From being uncomfortable? Have we not been shown time and time again that the process of healing, birthing, and labouring includes pain?

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Having walked through the darkest realms, I have gained attuned abilities to know the slightest energy shift in authenticity.

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships

Divine Unions and Cosmic love and how they differ from earth based relationships. Are you ready for the soul connection yet?

The difference between relationships and union – By Rena Wells

Illusions surround us in every shadowed corner in our physical existence, and old belief systems around intimate relationships have been breaking for some time.