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How You Decide to Age is Your Choice

Decide to age is choice

Decide to Age is Your Choice

In this day and age, where being health-conscious is the new norm, a growing majority of people are rethinking the way they choose to view their later years. There are octogenarians running marathons, and Olympic athletes competing comfortably in their fifties. Simply put, with the abundance of health and wellbeing resources available to us nowadays, you can genuinely choose to keep your youthful vigour intact for virtually as long as you’d like. Here are a few ways how.

Cosmetic procedures

Whilst it can be argued that wrinkles and scars are signs of a life well-lived, it can often be tricky to feel like yourself as you age. And, contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery is less about conforming to society’s ideals, and actually more about feeling like yourself. This is why the most common procedures tend to be the face and neck lifts, and laser skin resurfacing, all of which generally target wrinkling and sun damage. If you’re considering undergoing any cosmetic procedures, it’s important to note that you research those specific procedures well before you book any consultations. For instance, if you’re looking to undergo brow lift surgery in Melbourne, you’ll need to read up on anti-wrinkle injections and the other options available to you before you pick your surgeon.

Mobility training

One key component of maintaining your vigour well into your middle years is practising regular mobility training. And before you say that you’re not a ‘yoga person’, understand that in truth, mobility is so much more than just flexibility. It’s also about muscular strength, supporting the vitality of your fascia or your body’s connective tissue, and also about cultivating motor control. Mobility training is all about ensuring that as you age, you’re less likely to experience oppressive physical limitations.

You can practice mobility training in a myriad of ways too, so there’s guaranteed to be exercises out there to suit every type of body. Dynamic stretching and yoga poses can be a fantastic method of supporting muscle growth and keeping your fascia strong through your middle years and beyond. However, if you’re not a yoga person, even daily foam rolling following intense cardio can work wonders when it comes to speeding muscle recovery. You might also consider using massage in your mobility training as well, as addressing knots in your muscles will not only promote longevity but may also help mitigate your stress levels and keep you feeling good inside and out!

Eating plant-based

Of all the health and wellbeing trends that flood the market, plant-based alternatives have perhaps been the most contested, mainly due to veganism becoming a highly publicised and thus, politicised topic. But being a vegan isn’t the same as being ‘plant-based’. Whilst one revolves around the principle that consuming animal products is morally wrong, plant-based eating is all about cutting down your intake of meat, dairy, and other animal products in order to reap a number of powerful health benefits, from lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol to even acting as a preventative health measure in regards to keeping Type 2 diabetes at bay. Many older athletes and former athletes (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) have adopted plant-based eating to support their fight for longevity.

If you do have any queries regarding any of these topics, it would be worthwhile to consult with your GP or any other relevant practitioners. Just be sure to take action now so that you can stay active for years to come!

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