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A New Model to Save Marriages and How to Live It

New Model to Save Marriages

I congratulated Gyasi for his epiphany, his follow-through, and general thoughtfulness, and deemed him the husband of the year (or at least the month).  At that, he bounced up, kids in hand, and went to get his wife’s brand-new clean car. I believe the key to living in this model is to look beyond yourself and see what is needed in a global sense.

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Instead of assigning male-female roles, we might look at the bigger picture and recognize the needs of the moment. And no one is keeping tabs, judging, or complaining. Just jump in and help. “We both live in this house with these children. What is going on; who needs what; and how can I contribute?”  Perhaps this is the question to ask yourself. Do you? If not, why not?

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Written By: Jean Walters

Jean Walters is a transformational coach for over 35 years and international best-selling author of “Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters.” For more information, visit her website.

Shift from the old model of marriage to new ways to save your marriage now! Share your thoughts on how happy marriage stay happy in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a healthy marriage look like?

A healthy marriage is one in which partners support, listens, respect, and practice honest communication with each other. It’s also a connection in which one feels content and safe with their spouse.

How to save a marriage that is falling apart?

If you have a marriage that is falling apart, you will be able to repair it with commitment and effective communication from both sides.

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A New Model to Save Marriages and How to Live It
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Jean Walters

Jean Walters, DM, DD, CRT is an author, workshop leader, experienced executive, radio host, and media guest with 40 years of experience specializing in personal and spiritual growth. She has been in private practice since 1980 as a Transformational Coach and Reality Therapist, given over 35,000 Akashic Record readings to people all over the world, and been named Top Psychic in St. Louis for many years. In 2019 she was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award by the Albert Nelson Marquis Whos Who. Walters has written extensively for magazines, media outlets, and columns in major newspapers. She has three books currently available on Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! – Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible – Others have and you can too! (Live Your Passion) – Dream and the Symbology of Life, Jean Walters-LucyView Author posts