How To Get Along With Someone You Don’t Like?


How To Get Along With Someone You Don’t Like

This happens almost every day, doesn’t it? You tend to dislike some occurrences and events in your life. It may be an argument with a friend, a colleague trying to be bossy, and a co- worker who passes a derogatory remark! Some prefer to act on it, some ignore them; however, there’s a learning attached to both the cases. It’s a choice you make for yourself. Learning comes after a bit of introspection.

It’s fun to realize that it is not exactly the person whom you dislike, but certain things about her/him you dislike!

What is the reason for your dislike? When you dig into it deeper, you may find that you’ve experienced such feelings before as well. The brain links such events and puts all such feelings in a safe place so as to screw you up at times.

Have you ever noticed that the frequency of such occurrences in your life is pretty good, that’s because there is a learning which you got to receive from it, and then only can you be complete with such events.

If you dislike someone- walk to them and communicate regarding how you feel. Communication is magical at times.

Not everyone is a good communicator because not everyone is a good listener. Communication is effective when you listen to someone keeping all biases aside. A bit of empathy works handily here. When you communicate to make sure that whatever you speak is what you really wanted to convey, and not just a mere response to what they said! You have to act, and not react. Don’t resist a communication, don’t be a resisting machine. Accept and accommodate.

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People will behave the way they want to behave. We suffer when we try to change people; we suffer when we want them to behave the way we want them to behave!

Let’s say your beloved passed a comment on you- call that ‘X’, your mind links all such similar comments from your beloved in the past, and processes it as “Y”. X and Y are mutually exclusive, but it appears one and the same to you. You respond to your lover as if the event that occurred to you was Y and not X.

Did you notice what we do often? We get back to our past, gather experiences and use it in our present to build our future! Life is happening now. Around 7.4 billion people in this world experience the same moment differently, how special a moment is! Still, we don’t experience the freshness of it because there’s a lot piled up in our past. Leave the past, and live the present. Every day brings you a new opportunity to live life in a different way. Clear the canvas of your life, avoid the tints of your past. Color it the way you want it.

There’s no fixed way to deal with people whom you dislike, there’s no instant solution. Your solution got to be unique because that’s what you are. You experience each moment differently than anyone else. How can we have the same solution for everyone? An effective communication, compassion for all, self- love, a willingness to progress, and a clear mind that lives in the present will help you in this journey. It’s your journey, make it a beautiful one.

How To Get Along With Someone You Don’t Like Pin
How To Get Along With Someone You Don’t Like?

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