How Dark Is Your Soul? This is What Your Zodiac Says

Dark Your Soul What Zodiac Says

How dark do you think your soul is? If you’re being honest with yourself, the answer to that seemingly impossible question would take you forever to answer.

First, you’d have to think back on all of the good, bad, and ugly things you’ve ever done or thought about in your life. Then you’d have to estimate how you measure up overall, but regardless of that, your own personal bias would skew your estimate even further.

In the end, only something much less subjective and calculated overall could truly answer the question, how dark is your soul? Below we attempt to do just that and will tell you how dark your soul is, based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to our zodiac signs, we tend to focus mainly on all the happy, supportive, and positive aspects of it, while completely overlooking anything dark or corrupt about it. Even so, it’s equally important to be conscious of the negative, more sinister side of your zodiac because it can show you an unparalleled, in-depth look at your true self. Here it will tell you how much darkness lurks within you so scroll down, find your sign below, and see if it rings true!

Find out how dark is your soul:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19):

Not dark at all! You’re the opposite of a dark soul and not really a dark type, to begin with. However, if you were it wouldn’t be the pitch black, terrifying kind of darkness that swallows everything that enters it. You’d be more of an adrenaline-boosting type of darkness, like a scary ride or something!


2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

You have a black soul. The thing is, nobody really knows this about you because you tend to drive away anyone who gets close enough to see it. Your dark soul truly shows in terms of the possessiveness you develop for those you open up to and care about. Yet, at the same time, all that jealousy and controlling prove too overwhelming for others and they end up leaving you.


3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Your soul is dark gray. You’re not completely dark, but you can be if it ever becomes necessary! A dark-gray hue soul basically means that you are able to walk the line between good and evil, positive and negative, high and low; you’re skilled at navigating life’s ups and downs. You can adjust to whatever dimension or color soul suits the situation and your needs the best!


4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Your soul is an intensely dark shade of indigo blue. You are more of an emotional-based sign and being sensitive and insecure, your darkness is best reflected by a blue so deep that it looks almost black.


5. Leo (July 23 – August 22):

Your soul is not dark at all. When you’re as nice and tender as a Leo, there’s simply no room for darkness to exist. Which is a good thing because you’re a natural-born leader and others are always following you around. You wouldn’t want to lead others over to the dark side, would you!?


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  1. Avatar of Anonymous

    Website screwed up on how dark is your soul – pg 3 is a copy of pg 1, you’re missing several zodiac signs.
    Including the 3 signs I’m interested in, of course.

    1. Avatar of Editor

      Hi! You will find the remaining signs in the second page of the article. The website issues are fixed. Thank You!

  2. Avatar of Robin Walker

    I am 2 nice 2 have a dark soul 2. I feel bad about how astrologers always dump on Tarurs. My soul is gentle and loving. I just read a post 2 find out the cruliest signs and Tarurs was not one. But, isn’t that similar 2 dark. Just like this other post that said Tarurs lies 2 keep their independent. Ppl lie about way worst things. We r known 4 being reliable and loyal. How about that. I know ppl who will lie 2 u, about you and ur family but that’s not consider as a dark soul. Other ppl r possessive and jealous but we get dump on 4 having a black soul. BULLSUGAR. I am tire of it when I just try my hardest 2 b nice. I am also a very sensitive person.

  3. Avatar of Isabel Younes

    I am God’s faithful one, ..Yet still blind, so, soul is in the Dark. Yet, am with Holy Spirit, as am Full Surrender to Its Force, Am being Led, By Our maker, HE is Light, TRUE Light.

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