Your Christmas Holiday Character Based On Zodiac Sign

Your Christmas Holiday Character Based On Zodiac Sign


6. Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Serena from Gossip Girl’s Roman Holiday

The Zodiac of those of the imaginative and they loyal and those that are emotional but in a good way. If you’re cancer then you like being at home at least some of the time – including when you get into your hobbies.

For that reason, you’re Serena from Gossip Girl’s Roman Holiday. Just look at how creative she is when she goes all out to make snow for her boyfriend. She is well connected to her emotions, and she loves to be at home – just like a true Cancer.


7. Leo (July 23rd – Aug 22nd)

Buddy from Elf

The Zodiac of the creative and the passionate, the warm-hearted and the cheerful. You’re fun and funny – two qualities that make you one of the most enjoyable people to gather around for the holiday spirits (And any other time, really). That’s why this Zodiac is the character Buddy from Elf.

You can see that, right? He’s funny and oh so lovable! And he’s creative too, as he’s able to get Santa’s sleigh to fly. And that, if you think about it, is a neat trick of physics!


8. Virgo (Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd)

Pam from the Office, The Christmas Party

This is the sign of hardworking and loyal people who are kind both to people and to animals. Sure, you do have a bit of a need for control, but that can be a great treat to have if you need to sweat the details, be it because you’re an artist or because you’re a text translator. That’s why you’re clearly Pam from the Office, The Christmas Party.

She’s incredibly organized and while she doesn’t let the cat out of the bag all the time, she has that positive attitude that has her see each day as a new (and potentially great) opportunity.


9. Libra (Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd)

Frosty The Snowman

People of this Zodiac are diplomatic, fair-minded and cooperative. They aren’t terribly good at being alone, which makes sense as they’ve got a deep-seated need for justice and equality. That’s why the character that most clearly fits the Libra sign is that of Frosty the Snowman.

You work hard for equality and justice and just like you, he’s made of sugar, spice, and everything that’s nice.


10. Scorpio (Oct 23rd – Nov 21st)

Kevin McCallister from Home Alone

The Zodiac of the passionate, resourceful and brave. You are a true friend even if people don’t quite realize that yet. That’s because you’re passionate and assertive, which sometimes might rub people the wrong way but they still see for what it is in the end.

For that reason, the character that fits Scorpio best is Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. You will defend the house and you will hold the bad guys to account. Add to that how you can turn the whole house to your advantage and you’re clearly one of the most legendary characters from this holiday season.


11. Sagittarius (Nov 22nd – Dec 21st)

Sue from Bad Santa

You’re funny and generous. You’re a free spirit and love the outdoors (though occasionally you prefer it through a window). And deep down you’ve got an optimistic go get ‘em attitude. That’s why you’re obviously Sue from Bad Santa.

Okay, you might not get quite as freaky as she did. But you’ve got that great sense of humor and that same need for freedom. Nothing holds you back. Not even bad Santa.


12. Capricorn (Dec 22nd – Jan 19th)

Mrs. Claus from The Santa Clause

You are the responsible one, who has the self-control to make the important calls when you need to. You understand how the group fits together and who should do what. Things would go so much smoother if they just let you be in charge.

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