Love – the warmest of all the emotions – can be complex when compared to the other emotions within us. Love can feel like a battlefield, an all out war on our happiness and emotions. It can feel like cloud 9 or hell fire. Love can be liberating or suffocating. You might have just ended a relationship or given up on love some time ago. Here is an attempt to put into perspective the kind of love that can help you in your journey.

Everyone desires love. They want to be taken care of and feel loved but fellas everything has a price. Love doesn’t just mean rainbows and unicorns with butterflies fluttering around. It means sacrifice, compromise, courage, and commitment. It means tears and pain. It means to be there to take the first bullet, it means to be your truest self and put yourself on the frontline. At times we are so overwhelmed that we just want to retreat and give up on love altogether.

Love is painful and we want to run away from it but we can lock ourselves within steel walls forever. Love hurts but it heals too. It breaks you but also mends you. We just cannot shut love out forever. Bear with me.

Now let’s understand the difference betting giving up on love and letting it go.

Let’s begin with giving up on love. When you give up on love, you bid it farewell. It’s the moment you decide there is no true love in this world. You chose a life of loneliness and hate. You feel numb and lifeless. You no more believe in love so you settle for less. Giving up on love is like giving up on hope. You have no more hopes, no more emotions, you die a slow painful death, and you just exist in the world which is much worse than dying. Love is light and you chose darkness as your friend.

We are human and we have a heart, we have emotions. We long for passion, we long for compassion. We want someone to listen to us, someone to understand us, and someone to hold us when we are low. We want someone to make us feel comfortable.

There are millions of heartbroken people, and if you who are reading this now are too then don’t feel alone. Don’t just give up on love. There are many like you waiting to get a chance to connect with someone at a deep level. Love is what makes us human, love is what makes us alive. Giving up on love we give up on many things. These things may satisfy our mind and body temporarily but at the end of the day we will feel empty.

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  1. You can’t give up if that’s what your heart truly desires. We all have our own speculation about love and for me, it is simply because that is what i missed out in life, i feel like i pretty much experienced everything there is, but never yet to love and be loved truly at the same time… and if it doesn’t exist, life goes on but i’m not settling for anything less no matter how painful i’d feel along the way, at the end of the day, i know how to get back up.

  2. not sure I believe this, now I am a senior-there are loves that come and go IMO they are not real or defined in different ways At 17, I fell in love at 18, I broke up with him I felt I was so imature but this year we met again and my love and his is the way it was back then