5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

Reasons You Shouldnt Hide Your Phone In Relationship

When you hide your phone in a relationship, it can spell trouble, and also threaten to destroy the sense of trust your partner has on you.

Yes, these are easier times, or so we say.

We keep saying that these are easier times because communication is very easy these days. We say that we have all the means to interact better. Yet, why are we increasingly having like so many communication breakdowns?

We are actually at a point in time where we have a relationship with our phone more than we have a relationship with anyone else. Phones take most of our time even though we claim we aren’t addicted to them. We continue to say things like, “Oh! I can live without the phone”. But, can you?

Now, not only are the means of communication causing communication breakdowns, but they are also making you more detached from the things that happen around you. One more thing that they are doing is that they are making relationships tougher. Yes, this is true.

One of the recurring complaints of so many people in relationships is that their partner doesn’t look at them and is constantly engrossed in his/her phone. Well, there is no lie in this complaint. We actually have partners who want to click a photograph of everything and post it to social media platforms and then they want to know how many people liked the photo and what not. So, the thing is that the phone is greater than the real world now.

But, there is another thing about our phones that hurt our partner more than anything else. The problem is when you start to hide your phone…

Yes, some of us call it privacy and some of us call it giving space. Whatever justification you might give for hiding your phone from your partner, it is always going to make your partner feel that you are cheating on them. It will be a trust deficit that you won’t be able to fill with anything, like ever.

Now we don’t want the phone to come between you and your partner, hence here we are to convince you with reasons why you should not hide your phone from your partner. Pay heed, these could save you a lot of trouble.

Here Are 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

1. Trust.

It is practically needless to say that if you give your phone to your partner, they are going to trust you far more than before. This trust is not because they know about your whereabouts or something.

This trust happens between two people because of the realization that they are sharing the most private parts of their lives with you. Your partner will actually feel that they are significant in your life and after this, the relationship will obviously go in the right direction. Take this step and you will feel the trust between you and your partner.

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2. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, prove it.

It is a fairly simple thought. If you aren’t in the wrong, you will never have anything to hide. Your partner assumes that you are doing something wrong which is why you are trying to hide your phones. This thought makes your partner go crazy about your act. Then they don’t even understand rational aspects like privacy or something.

They will consider it as hurt to their ego that you are doing something seriously wrong. In this process of making up a story against you, they will think too much and this will obviously have a serious impact on your relationship.

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