The Kind Of Guy You Should Wait For

The Kind Of Guy You Should Wait For

Wait for the guy who reaches for your hand on the street and holds it proudly, who grabs your sides after stepping off the curb too soon, the one who reaches for you through the heavy mountain of blankets in the middle of the night, pulling you close.


Wait for the guy who slips out of bed as quietly as possible in the morning to shower, letting you catch a few more minutes of sleep.

who almost always places his hand on your thigh – in the cab, on the train, on the couch, under the table at the restaurant. A simple gesture communicating everything.
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Wait for the guy who makes the silence comfortable. Who builds your confidence. “Wear shoes.” Who is passionate and takes his job seriously, yet still makes you a priority.

Wait for the guy who makes you laugh – genuinely laugh. A laugh that lasts far after the moment has passed, when happiness cannot be contained.
Wait for the guy who introduces you to friends and family with no fear.

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Wait for the guy who never stops trying – pizzas with half pepperoni, home-cooked meals eaten at the kitchen table, spur of the moment dinner plans, flowers – just because flowers, wine pit stops on the walk home after dinner, framed pictures, handwritten notes.


Wait for the guy who will continually put in the effort with your friends and family, knowing just how important they are to you.

who you know will always say, “yes,” with no hesitation. Who sits across from you at the table and laughs to himself, telling you just how beautiful you are – and you believe him.
Wait for the guy who keeps his word-every single time.

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Wait for the guy who never tires of forehead kisses. In the morning when your eyes are still closed. At night before he inevitably falls asleep and turns to his side.


Wait for the guy who shows up, no matter what. Who talks about your future without question.

who makes you smile, because you knew through every bad date and a lonely cab ride home, every ignored text message and every heartbreak, that patience and hope would lead you right to where you are right now.
Wait for it.

Watch this interesting video to know about the person you really need to marry:

By Emily Higgins
Printed with permission.

Guy You Should Wait For

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