In Modern Day Dating These Things Shouldn’t Flatter You

modern day dating

Don’t be flattered by the guy who likes the picture of your family.

Be flattered by the guy who wants to meet them.

Don’t be flattered by the guy who comments on a selfie.

Be flattered by the guy who always makes you feel beautiful that you don’t need anyone else’s validation.

Don’t be flattered that he liked your profile picture you changed.

Be flattered by the guy who wants to change your relationship status.

Don’t be flattered that you both swiped right and matched.

Be flattered by the guy who doesn’t need an app to confidently make a move.

Don’t be flattered and get giddy he sent you a flower emoji or heart.

Be flattered by what he actually sends, like your favorite flowers to show you he cares.

Don’t be flattered he answered and only made you wait for a little while.

Be flattered by the guy who answers immediately.

Don’t be flattered over an hour plus conversation.

Be flattered by the one that happens IRL.

Don’t be flattered because he viewed your story first.

Be happy that he doesn’t need to because you’re together.

Don’t be flattered when he says I miss you.

Be flattered when he shows up at your door because he couldn’t bear it anymore.

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Don’t be flattered he made time to text you.

Texts take 3 seconds to send.

Be flattered that he took time out of his day to see you.

Don’t be flattered that he said good morning.

Be flattered that he wanted to wake up next to you and say it.

Don’t be flattered he wished you happy birthday first.

Be flattered when he wants to spend the day with you.

Don’t be flattered you have this relationship with the help of a phone.

Be flattered by the person who makes you forget to look at it.

Because the right type of relationship isn’t bound and glued together with the help of a phone.

It’s just two people who connect emotionally, not virally.

It’s two people who make the choice to prove that the other person matters.

And they show it by more than a like.

Written By Kirsten Corley
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Don't Be Flattered By A Guy
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